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Wholesale / Co-ops

Are you a manufacturer/WAHM that uses a large volume of snaps?  A KAM snaps reseller?  A co-op? offers pricing discounts on most products when purchased in larger volume.  Volume discounts are available on:

  • plastic snaps (minimum $210 at wholesale price in increments of 1,000 per color). Order here using coupon code provided in link.
  • snap pliers (minimum 30 units)
  • snap presses and dies (minimum 12 units)
  • snap removal pliers (minimum 30 units)
  • plastic clips or pacifier rings (minimum 1,000 pieces)
  • metal clips (minimum 1,000 pieces)

Wholesale and co-op orders are generally processed within a week and in most cases, within a couple of days so there is no or very little delay.  Orders ship from California.  As always, enjoy our renowned family-oriented customer service and the peace of mind of knowing you are purchasing from a fully licensed source and the most trusted provider of KAM snaps in the US.

Please email us for applicable pricing discounts with the following info:

  • your shipping address
  • a link to your co-op or store, if available, and whether you are a co-op, reseller, or business that uses snaps. Discounts are the same regardless but this will better enable us to meet your specific needs.

Thank you for considering us for your snapping needs.