COMING SOON: Sign Up for Upcoming Flash Sales at KAMsnaps

September 13, 2020

Sign up to receive updates on upcoming specials.  We don't know exactly when these will happen, but when they do, they will be good only for a short period, so don't miss out!

Each list is separate so sign up only for the ones you're interested in. 

These lists apply only to our NEXT sale and will be deleted once we send out the email announcing that.


You can also sign up for our general newsletter, if you haven't already.  We only send these out periodically, once every 1-2 months usually.  This is an on-going list, so you will continue to receive these emails unless you unsubscribe.


Reminder: In the face of the horrific wildfires that rage across the West Coast, we are currently offering masks and filters below our cost.   Please contact us if you know of any relief efforts in need of these supplies.  May you all remain safe.

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