Mounting Base for KAM Snaps Basic K1/K2 Pliers

  • *Pliers not included.* Our simple mounting base props up your basic K1 or K2 KAM pliers to reduce hand, finger and wrist strain.  The upright positioning of the pliers allows you to rely less on hand or grip strength and more on leveraging arm strength.  It also minimizes side-to-side motion and better ensures a strong, even press.  See how it works.

    Recommended for those with arthritis, hand pain, or who install a high volume of snaps.

    *Not* compatible with KX8J pro-handheld or KX-T2 pro-standup presses.

    Additional equipment required: 2x4 block of wood or something similarly solid should be placed under the handle to provide additional support (not included).

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