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Choosing the Right Plastic Snap Size

Snaps are not one-size-fits-all.  If your snaps are too long for your fabric, they won't close properly.  If they're too short, they'll fall off. For this reason, it's important to choose the proper size / length for your material.

Which size works best for you will depend on a number of variables, such as the fabric you are using, its density and compression levels, how hard you are able to press, and your own personal preference.  For these reasons, we are unable to provide specific size recommendations for every scenario. 

Not sure? Try the variety size sampler kit which includes our most popular sizes / lengths.

------>>>>>> Download a printable pdf file showing each snap in its true-to-life size.

Plastic KAM Snaps Fasteners Size Comparison Chart - What Size Snaps Do I Have?


The 3 most commonly used sizes, in the order of popularity, are:

    1. Size 20 regular length
    2. Size 20 extra long (for thicker material)
    3. Size 16 regular length (for thinner material)

Size 20 (12.4mm or 1/2" cap diameter)

  • Size 20 Regular Length (5.6mm prong) is often used for lightweight to mid-weight fabric that isn't prone to tearing including baby diapers, menstrual pads, bibs, regular clothing, and household projects.   This is the most popular size of plastic snaps and is a good size to start with for most projects since most commonly used fabric fall within the desired thickness for this length. This size has a strong grip so if you're working with more delicate fabric at risk of tearing, consider size 16.

    ------>>>>>> Click here for sizing tips for baby & toddler clothing.
  • Size 20 Extra Long (6.2mm prong) is recommended for slightly thicker & denser material like double layers of standard marine vinyl for key fobs, medium weight leather, and chinese prefold diapers. (Some versions of these material may be so thick that they'll need larger/longer snaps.)
  • Size 20 Extra Short (4.6mm prong) is good for thinner material where you still want a good, strong grip such as baby diapers made with just 1-2 layers of PUL.

Size 16 (10.7mm or 7/16" cap diameter)

  • Size 16 Regular Length (4.6mm prong) is most commonly used for  projects that require a looser grip, such as doll clothes or reinforced stretch jersey.
  • Size 16 Extra Long is available in lengths ranging from 5.2mm - 7.2mm long for thicker material.

Size 14 (9.7mm or 3/8" cap diameter)

  • Size 14 Regular Length (3.5mm prong) is extremely short and should only be used on very thin material, usually single layers.  The overall height of a complete size 14 plastic snap is about 9mm. 
  • Size 14 Extra Long (5.0mm prong) for situations when the regular length is not long enough such as when you have more layers or thickness.

Size 22 (14.1mm or 9/16" cap diameter, 7.0mm prong)

  • A larger snap which can be used in similar situations as size 20 long-prong, or in situations where size 20 long-prong is still a little too short.

Size 24 (14.8mm or 9/16" cap diameter, 7.5mm prong)

  • Our largest, strongest snap which should only be used in very heavy duty applications with thicker material such as canvas tote bags, nylon webbing, dense leather and thick jackets. Because the grip is so strong, it can tear through more commonly used fabric.
  • Each organizer contains 150 glossy sets of size 20 regular length plastic snaps. Each set includes 2 caps, 1 socket, 1 stud.

    Size 20 regular length
    Cap diameter: 12.4mm (1/2")
    Prong length: 5.6mm

    Color bundle options:

              • Gumball (10 sets x 15 colors) - B1 Orangey Red, B2 Midnight Navy, B6 Dark Brown, B7 Yellow, B8 Bright Blue, B13 Metallic Medium Gray, B14 Spring Green, B16 Royal Blue, B20 Pastel Blue, B29 Jade Green, B32 Denim Blue, B35 Purple, B39 Gray, B41 Violet, B55 Orange
              • Lollipop (10 sets x 15 colors) - B10 Sunset Yellow, B24 Light Gray, B28 Dark Lavender, B36 Neon Yellow, B37 Creamy White, B38 Red, B40 Pumpkin, B44 Apple Green, B47 Neon Pink, B50 Lime Green, B51 Kelly Green, B52 Dark Orange, B53 Peaches & Cream, B56 Bright Violet, B58 Light Navy
                • Taffy (10 sets x 15 colors) - B17 Coral, B18 Pastel Pink, B19 Pastel Green, B21 Pale Pink, B22 Ivory, B27 Steel Blue, B33 Azalea Pink, B34 Plum Purple, B43 Pearly White, B45 Metallic Light Silver, B46 Teal, B48 Blue Bell, B54 Crimson, B57 Medium Pink, B59 Pool Blue
                • White & Black  (150 sets) - 100 x B3 White, 50 x B5 Black

                    Also recommended:

                    Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Loose pieces not for children under 3 years. 


                  • Size 20 regular length snaps are our most commonly used size, ideal for general applications including baby diapers, regular clothing, cloth menstrual pads, hammocks, and household projects.

                    Note: It is important to use the appropriate snap size / length for your material. Snaps that are too long won't close properly; snaps that are too short will fall off. Click here for a size guide to KAM snaps.

                    Also recommended:
                    • Size 20 extra long for thicker material such as double layers of marine vinyl for key fobs.
                    • Size 16 for thinner, delicate, and stretch fabric such as jersey requiring a gentler grip to avoid tearing.

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