Plastic Snaps

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KAM plastic snaps are one of the most widely used snaps in the world, both commercially and for individual households. KAM plastic snaps are made from polyacetal resin, a type of plastic that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic, and are BPA-free.  KAM snaps are CPSA CPSIA-compliant for children's products and have been tested for lead and phthalate content.

Plastic snap fasteners are a rust-free alternative to metal snaps, even safe enough for garments that undergo x-rays.  With our KAM hand snap pliers and press machines, the snaps are very easy to install with uniform precision, making them convenient alternatives to traditional sew-on buttons and zippers.  KAM snaps also withstand years of constant machine washing and drying and are often used to replace worn-out velcro and hook-and-loop.

KAM snap fastener buttons can be commonly found on all types of clothing including those for baby and toddlers, bibs, cloth baby diapers, unpaper towels, reuseable menstrual / mama pads, snap tabs, key fobs, and infinite other things.  Not just for sewers or embroiderers, KAM snaps are handy for crafters as well as outdoor enthusiasts, making excellent closures for bracelets, necklaces, quiet books, upcycled containers and storage pouches, hammocks, camping gear and many other projects.  They are also a handy tool to have for quick fixes around the home. 

With a number of sizes and lengths available, there's a KAM snaps suitable for virtually every product, from the heavy duty to the small, from the extra firm grip to a more gentle grip. Use them with any of our KAM snap tools and you'll understand why so many people love these little fasteners.


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