Plastic Snaps - Size 20 (Most Common)


Unless otherwise specified as extra short or long, size 20 snaps refer to regular/standard length.

Size 20 (1/2 inch cap diameter) regular length snap fasteners are by far the most commonly used KAM snap. With its deep flange and sturdy grip, this size accommodates many general and household projects, including: cloth diapers, bibs, unpaper towels, reusable menstrual pads, adult clothing, hammocks, and more.

Although size 20 regular length snaps are generally a good place to start, consider size 20 extra long for very thick material such as double layers of marine vinyl for key fobs or size 16 regular length for thinner material such as knits for baby and toddler clothing.  Visit our Getting Started page for a general guide to all of our snap sizes.

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