*Multi-Shapes* Organizer

  • Each organizer contains 150 sets of shapes. Each set includes 1 shaped cap, 1 round cap, 1 socket, 1 stud.

    Size 20 regular length
    Cap diameter: 12.4mm (1/2")
    Prong length: 5.6mm


    • Butterflies BG100 Blossom, C202 Lavender, C205 Seaspray
    • Flowers B37 Cream, C203 Raspberry, D311 Turquoise, D322 Lemon Zest
    • Hearts B3 White, B18 Pastel Pink, B38 Red, B47 Neon 
    • Stars B1 Orangey Red, B3 White, B7 Yellow, B16 Royal Blue

    Also recommended:

    Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Loose pieces not for children under 3 years.

  • Size 20 regular length snaps are our most commonly used size, ideal for general applications including baby diapers, regular clothing, cloth menstrual pads, hammocks, and household projects.

    Note: It is important to use the appropriate snap size / length for your material. Snaps that are too long won't close properly; snaps that are too short will fall off. Click here for a size guide to KAM snaps.

    Also recommended:
    • Size 20 extra long for thicker material such as double layers of marine vinyl for key fobs.
    • Size 16 for delicate or stretch fabric such as jersey requiring a gentler grip to avoid tearing.
  • Any one of our KAM tools can be used to install these snaps, with the following dies:
    • Star Caps: are ever so slightly larger than regular round size 20 caps.  K1 pliers use the largest cap die (labeled T8A and included with the pliers).  KX professional handheld press and presses with no-change dies use the size 22 cap die.  All other tools use the same dies as size 20 snaps.
    • Butterfly, Flower, and Heart Caps: Use the same die as size 20 snaps for all tools.

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