STARS Multi-Color Snaps (270 Sets)

* Limited run.
  • Size: 20 (12.5mm - 1/2")
  • Stem Length: Regular (5.6mm)
  • CPSIA Compliant: Phthalate, Lead
  • Set: 1 shape cap + 1 round cap + socket + stud

Includes (10 sets each):  B1 orangy red, B3 white, B5 black, B7 yellow, B11 gold, B13 medium silver, B16 royal blue, B19 pastel pink, B20 pastel blue, B22 ivory, B24 light gray, B25 tan, B27 steel blue, B28 dark lavender, B33 azalea pink, B34 plum purple, B37 creamy white, B38 red, B41 violet, B45 light silver, B47 neon pink, B50 lime green, B51 green, B55 orange, B57 medium pink, B58 light navy, B60 dark silver.

    Tip: add the color sampler charts for easy color matching

        TOOLS REQUIRED:  Guide to Tool Selection

        • Heart, star, butterfly & flower snaps use the same tools & dies as round size 20 plastic snaps.

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