Professional KAM Snap Table Press Machine

Our DK93 table press is an industrial-grade machine and is the most versatile of all our tools.   With the appropriate die attachments (sold separately), the DK93 press is our only tool which can install every fastener that we carry, including plastic snaps, metal snaps, rivets and grommets, all with the most professional and uniform results. It can also be converted to a kick press.

The DK93 press is recommended for commercial use,  high-volume sewers and crafters, and anyone who intends to install large quantities or a variety of snaps or grommets.

Note that compatible  dies are required for the press to function.  A press without dies is like a sewing machine without the needle--it will not perform.  Dies are needed for each different size and type of fastener.  Size 20 plastic snaps require dies for size 20 plastic snaps.  Size 16 plastic snaps require dies for size 16 plastic snaps.  Size 20 fashion spring metal snaps require dies for size 20 fashion spring metal snaps, and so on.

Compared to other models of presses, the DK93 has a wider clearance for fabric, which means that you can install fasteners farther away from the edge of the fabric. There are also more dies which are compatible with the DK93, allowing for greater function such as installing a wider range of different fasteners and removing snaps without damage to fabric. The top die quickly and conveniently screws into the press without the need for awkward allen wrenches which can be easily misplaced.

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Watch how versatile our DK93 snap press is:


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