Problems with your KAM Plastic Snaps?

Installing KAM snaps should be a very easy process.  If you're having difficulty, the first line of action would be to make sure you've followed the installation instructions properly.  Re-watch the relevant instructional video if you have to.  You won't get far if you're not properly setting your snap in the tool. 

The most common sources of problems are:

  1. You're not pressing hard enough.  So press harder.  No need to break a rib, but be sure to apply firm pressure. 
Pliers: To give you an idea, a typical 12-year old (maybe even younger) should be able to apply this amount of pressure .  If you have hand or grip issues, rest the bottom of the pliers on a table and then use the strength from your arm to push the top handle down with the palm of your hand. (Imagine placing a stapler on a table and pressing down on it with your palm--just like that!) Like this.

Table press: If you're using a press for the first time, place it on a low surface so that you can *fully extend* your arm when pressing down on the handle.  This will allow you to use your body weight as leverage to apply more pressure without straining your arm/wrist.
    2. Your snaps are too long or too short for the particular material you're working with. Snaps are not one-size-fits-all, so it's important you choose the appropriate length of snap, otherwise your snaps will either fall off your fabric or not close properly.

    Snaps too long = snaps will not close properly
    Snaps too short = snaps will fall off your fabric

    Next, find your particular problem in our Troubleshooting section and watch the appropriate video(s) if applicable.  Do not skip this step.  Too often people come to us and say they've watched "all the videos," and then after a few questions, it becomes clear that they haven't.  Virtually every problem is listed in that section with tips on how to resolve them, so it should answer your question.

    If after following the instructions in the Troubleshooting section, your issue is still not resolved, please send an email to with the following information for personal assistance:

    1. Your order # for the tool and snaps you are having the problem with.

    2. The # in the Troubleshooting section that corresponds to your problem.  If your problem is not listed, a very detailed and concise description. Please do not use the term "popping off" because it can describe 2 completely opposite scenarios.

    3. A clear, closeup photo showing the male half and the female half, after they have been attached to your fabric.  Like this:
    KAM Snaps After Installation

    4. What fabric you are using and how many layers of each, as well as a side view photo of your fabric layers. Understand that many types of fabric come in many different thicknesses so specify "thin terry" or "heavy leather," etc.

    5. Did this problem start right off the bat, or have you been using the tool for some time before it started happening?

    6. How many snaps have you installed in total?  Of those, how many had this problem?

    You may be asked for additional information but the above will give us a good start. 


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