Snapazoo Tutorial

A Snapazoo® is an ingenius puzzle toy made from fabric and strategically-placed snaps. By folding the fabric in various ways, you can create dozens of different animal shapes--like origami.

To read more about the Snapazoo and its origins, visit Please note that the Snapazoo® is trademarked. Ross Miller, the creator of the original Snapazoo®, has kindly allowed us to share these how-to guides so you can make your own for personal use. Commercial use (ie. selling) is prohibited.

Tip: use double-sided snaps for even more folding possibilities!

Downloadable tutorial and pattern provided by Lil' Baby Thangs.

For the fabric, you can use anything with some thickness and density to it, such as 3 layers of blizzard/thick fleece, felt or neoprene.

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