K2 Pliers + 700 Snaps in Organizers

Size Guide
    • Includes:

      - plastic storage case with K2 pliers + 100 white snaps (this is just a basic case--it doesn't have any compartments)

      - 4 compartment organizers full of shaped snaps, as shown (flowers, butterflies, hearts, stars). Each organizer has 150 sets.  1 shaped set = 1 shaped cap, 1 round cap, 1 socket, 1 stud.

      All size 20 regular length. Total of 700 snap sets, 5 storage cases, and K2 pliers.


      The basic KAM snap pliers are our simplest and most affordable tool to quickly and easily install plastic snaps. See how it works.

      • K2 model is recommended for size 20 (the most popular size) and larger plastic snaps. Cannot install size 16 or smaller snaps.
      • K1 model is recommended if you also intend to install smaller plastic snaps.
      • What do the sizes mean and which do I need?

      NOTE: The basic pliers can only install plastic snaps. They cannot perform any other function.  See our more advanced tools if you'd like to install other types of fasteners such as metal snap fastener buttons, rivets, or grommets.

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