KX Dies for Plastic Snap Removal

Quickly remove problem plastic snaps without damage to fabric. Fitted for size 20 snaps but works with other sizes with manual centering.

    Removes:     Plastic Snaps

          Fits: Disclosures: Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function. Dies may not be compatible with fasteners from other sources.

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            Debbie DeGroff
            Snap Removal Dies

            My advice is to purchase these BEFORE you need them! These dies are such a lifesaver. I have, sadly, had to use these more times than I would care to admit. Just today, I forgot that the
            bottom snaps were already attached when I went to iron the notepad cover. I was able to remove the MELTED snap quickly and replace it with a new snap.


            They will be a welcome asset to my crafty projects.

            Makes Removing Snaps, well... a Snap

            These dies are such a life saver for removing the plastic Kam Snaps. No more trying to cut them off using wire cutters while also trying not to destroy the item! A purchase well worth it!

            Kim Wainwright
            Snap removal dies

            This is an amazing product! It saves time, my project, my hands and my sanity when I’m doing a project late at night(which is my norm) and I goof. Before, I was using wire cutters and snipping pieces off until I could remove the plastic snap and it was a mess. With these, it’s a short and sweet fix…thanks for having them


            There is nothing more frustrating than realizing with a pit in your stomach that you just put a snap on incorrectly. And those babies don't come off easily unless you have this magic die set. It is so easy to slip the die into the adapter, press the handle and a hole is punched in the top snap through to the male or female part causing the snap to easily slip off, leaving only the small hole from the snap post. I love this die set! It is a must have for anyone who uses snaps.

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