Two-Toned Engraved Awareness Ribbon

Size Guide
  • Limited run. Get them while you can!

    Size 20 regular length.
    *Engraved caps may require slightly less pressure to avoid breakage.

    Choose Full Sets or Caps Only:

      • Full Sets (50 sets) - 50 engraved caps with 50 white  pieces of each: plain caps, sockets, and studs, OR
      • Engraved Caps Only (50 pcs) - Only engraved caps included. Other parts to make a complete set such as sockets and studs are *not* included.

        Ribbon color options and list of common causes (list is not complete):

        • Green - liver cancer / disease, kidney disease, cerebral palsy, mental health, traumatic brain injury, neurofibromatosis
        • Red - blood cancer, AIDS, alcohol & drug abuse, DARE, heart disease, MADD, stroke
        • Yellow - support our troops, bladder cancer, endometriosis, hydrocephalus, sarcoma, testicular cancer
        • Blue - child abuse prevention, colon cancer, anal cancer, rectal cancer, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, CFS, Huntington's Disease

        Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Loose pieces not for children under 3 years.


      • Size 20 regular length snaps are our most commonly used size, ideal for general applications including baby diapers, regular clothing, cloth menstrual pads, hammocks, and household projects.

        Cap diameter: 12.4mm (1/2")
        Prong length: 5.6mm (standard or regular)

        Note: It is important to use the appropriate snap size / length for your material. Snaps that are too long won't close properly; snaps that are too short will fall off. Click here for a size guide to KAM snaps.

      • Any one of our KAM tools with size 20 plastic snap dies can be used to install these snaps (tools sold separately).

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