KX Awl Dies to Pierce Holes

  • Quickly pierces holes (like pierced ears) for easier snap/rivet placement.  Needle is approx 2.5mm in diameter.  

    • Recommended for dense webbing or heavy weight leather.

      Want to cut out a hole instead of just piercing?  Check out our hole cutting dies.

      The following tools are REQUIRED -- also see 2nd thumbnail image:( which tool do I have?)
    • Bottom die shank: approx 9.9mm diameter (slightly larger than 3/8")
      Top die shank:  approx 8mm (5/16") diameter (screws in - M8 threading)

    • Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Remove any remaining oil on dies by attaching several snaps to scrap fabric.  Appearance of dies may vary from photo depending on batch but function is the same. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.

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