Size 20 Custom Two-Toned Engraved Snaps

10,000 set minimum per color & design.  Lead time approx 5-7 weeks. (15% discount if you can wait 3-4 months--please request.)  Price shown is for 1st order of engraving. Subsequent orders of the identical engraving receive a $100 discount.

The underlying color is the color of the actual cap.  It is then coated with a color of your choice.  The engraving is done through the coating.  Because these are painted, heavy wear and tear may result in the paint scratching off eventually.

In the samples shown, cap colors are black and gray, respectively.  Both are coated with white .

1 set = 1 male, 1 female, and your choice of:

  • 1 painted engraved cap + 1 plain cap
  • 2 painted engraved caps

You will need to specify:

  1. the cap (underlying) color
  2. the coating color
  3. the color of the other snap pieces
Note: Engraved snaps may require less pressure to avoid breakage.

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