20% OFF: Wire-Back Cover Buttons & KX Dies (Size 60)

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    This set includes:
    • Approx 25 sets of wire-back lightweight cover buttons in size 60 (1 1/2") .
    • KX cover button dies in size 60 to use with your compatible press.
    • See how it works

    • Cover buttons are lightweight and intended for use with lightweight fabric such as a single layer of cotton (*not* upholstery, vinyl, leather, thick fabric, etc)
    • You may want to add a dab of glue under the wire back as a precaution to ensure a permanent hold.
    • Covered buttons should *not* be machine washed or dried, as the agitation may cause them to separate.
    • Some die sizes have a snugger fit around the cover button than others and may require that you insert the tip of scissors (or similar) through the wire loop to pull out the button from the die.
    • I tested with a layer of t-shirt material, then a layer of felt.  Both worked fine, but the felt, being thicker, was a little more difficult to remove from the die. I definitely recommend a thinner material but just so you know, the felt was doable.

      One of the following KAMsnaps® professional presses are REQUIRED: ( which tool do I have?)

      Optional: Leave a note in the Order Notes box at checkout requesting that your order be reviewed for completeness. We'll contact you if anything appears to be missing or if your tools aren't compatible with your fasteners.

      Cover button dies
    • Bottom die shank: approx 3/8" diameter
      Top die shank: approx 5/16" diameter

    • Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Remove any remaining oil on dies by attaching several snaps to scrap fabric. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.

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