Grommets are Pulling out of Fabric

May 02, 2021

Grommet Pulling Through Fabric


The fabric in the photo above is fraying along the cut circle. The grommet needs a sturdy fabric to hold on to, so if the fabric is fraying (unraveling), the grommet doesn't have anything to securely attach itself to and will pull out.

A few suggestions to try:

  • Make the hole smaller, if possible. If your fabric is fairly thin like that shown in the picture, making a small snip with scissors may be sufficient.

  • Add a thick stabilizer / interfacing.  Consider a fusible version. (Just adding more layers will help as well.) 

  • This was mentioned in our FB group: use fabric glue or fray check on the edge of the circle and let it dry before attaching the grommet.

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