Grommets are Pulling out of Fabric

May 02, 2021

Grommet Pulling Through Fabric


The fabric in the photo above is fraying along the cut circle. The grommet needs a sturdy fabric to hold on to, so if the fabric is fraying (unraveling), the grommet doesn't have anything to securely attach itself to and will pull out.

(Imagine you're falling from the sky and you manage to grab onto the edge of a giant piece of cloth to break your fall.  If the edge of that cloth starts to fray, you no longer have a secure hold and will continue to fall.)

A few suggestions to try:

  • Make the hole smaller, if possible. If your fabric is fairly thin like that shown in the picture, making a small snip with scissors may be sufficient.

  • Add a thick stabilizer. (Just adding more layers will help as well.)

  • This was mentioned in our FB group: use fabric glue on the edge of the circle and let it dry before attaching the grommet.

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