Instructions for KAM DK93 Table Snap Press

Install Plastic Snaps
Remove Plastic Snaps
Pronged Studs for Double-Sided Snaps
Open-Ring Metal Snaps
Utility Spring Metal Snaps
Fashion Spring Metal Snaps
Mount to Foot Kick
Attach Handle (Photo)
Install Die Adapter for DK98 Only


Other Tips

Before Use: Wipe the press and dies with a wet cloth to clean any remaining residue from the factory. Install a few snaps on scrap fabric to remove any residue inside the dies.

Maintenance: Periodically lubricate (ie. WD40, machine oil) large vertical spring and internal screw threads that hold the upper dies. If you notice some difficulty in attaching or removing the dies from the press, do not force the dies in as they will eventually get stuck. At first sign of difficulty, lubricate the die threads and the hole in the press where the dies screw in. If this does not completely fix the problem, consider replacing your dies.


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