Instructions for KAM DK93 Table Press

Download a printable reference guide. Instructions are only briefly summarized in the guide so we highly recommend watching our easy-to-follow video tutorials below for each die set before use.

Attach Handle
Insert Adapter for KX-Model Dies

Install Plastic Snaps with Pro-Dies & Top No-Change Die
Install Plastic Snaps with No-Change Dies & Adapter Base
Remove Plastic Snaps with Removal Dies
Poke Holes with Awl Dies  (Old model. New model has rubber tip, which should NOT be removed.)
Pronged Studs for Double-Sided / Stackable Snaps
Open-Ring Metal Snaps
Utility Spring Metal Snaps
Fashion Spring Metal Snaps
Fabric Cover Buttons
Key Fob Hardware
Mount to Foot Kick
Jean Buttons
Magnetic Snap Rivets
Purse Feet Rivets
Mouse Rivets
Hole Cutting Dies

Other Tips

Before Use:

  • Wipe the press and dies with a wet cloth to clean any remaining residue from the factory. Install a few snaps on scrap fabric to remove any residue inside the dies.
  • The vertical screw below the handle can be used to control the amount of pressure applied if for some reason you need to reduce pressure.  In most cases, it not relevant as long as it is low enough that it doesn't hit the handle at any point.
  • When starting out, it's helpful to place the press on a very low surface, low enough so you can extend your arm completely straight down. This will allow you to use body weight to apply pressure instead of just your arm and will result in a deeper, stronger press.
  • While it is not necessary to mount the press to anything, stability can be maximized if the press is mounted to a block of wood (shown below) without hindering portability.  The holes on the sides of the press base are about 6.2mm. (An M6 screw should work.)
  • Presses can also be mounted to a kick pedal to speed up the pressing process.


  • Periodically lubricate (ie. WD40, machine oil) large vertical spring and internal screw threads that hold the upper dies. If you notice some difficulty in attaching or removing the dies from the press, do not force the dies in as they will eventually get stuck. At first sign of difficulty, lubricate the die threads and the hole in the press where the dies screw in. If this does not completely fix the problem, consider replacing your dies.
  • Die attachments will experience normal wear and tear over time. If you notice the dies no longer function as well as previously, it may be time to replace your dies.


KAM Snaps Press Machine Mounted to Wood Block for Stability Portable


Press is mounted to a block of wood for stability
without compromising portability.
Holes have also been drilled in the wood for easy
storage of the dies and awl. (Photo by Nicole C.)

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