Instructions for KAMsnaps KX-Series Press

Download a printable reference guide. Instructions are only briefly summarized in the guide so we highly recommend watching our easy-to-follow video tutorials below for each die set before use.

Install Plastic Snaps
Remove Plastic Snaps
Pronged Studs for Double-Sided Snaps
Poke Holes with Awl Dies (Old model. New model has rubber tip.)
Open-Ring Metal Snaps
Fashion Spring Metal Snaps
Utility Spring Metal Snaps
Fabric Cover Buttons
Key Fob Hardware
Jean Buttons
Magnetic Snap Rivets
Purse Feet Rivets
Mouse Rivets
Remove Double Cap Rivets

Mount to Foot Pedal
KAM Snap Multi-Functional Pliers Mount to Foot Pedal Diagram

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