What Tools Do I Need To . . .

May 09, 2020

Follow these 2 easy steps to get started.


1.  Choose a Press

If you're not sure which tool to get, click here for full comparison to help you decide.


2. Click on One of the Links Below for a Line-By-Line List of What You Need

I Want to Work With:



Still confused or want to start with more than 1 fastener?  Email sales@kamsnap.com and let us know:

  • What fasteners you want to use from the above list.
    Ex: plastic snaps, rivets, grommets, etc

  • What projects & fabric the fasteners are intended for.
    Ex: snaps for vinyl key fobs, rivets for leather purse straps
  • Which press you prefer.
    Ex: heavy duty table press, mini-table press, pro-handheld

We'll personalize a package for you!

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