Request a Personalized KAMsnaps Package

August 18, 2020

This page has a 2-step guide which links to everything needed for each of our fasteners:

We'll personalize a package for you!

If you're still confused after reading the above, you can email and answer the following 3 questions:
  • Which press you prefer.
    Ex: heavy duty table press, mini-table press, pro-handheld
  • What fasteners you want to use from our store.
    • If metal snaps, please specify what style (magnetic snaps, open ring, pearl, utility, or fashion).
    • If you know the size, please specify.

  • If you don't know the size of fasteners, indicate the projects & fabric the fasteners are intended for.
    Ex: snaps for vinyl key fobs, rivets for leather purse straps
      • Being as specific as possible will minimize our guesswork and better ensure you get the most appropriate sizes.  Requesting "snaps, rivets and grommets" without more details makes it very difficult for us to determine what you sizes need.


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