Customer Testimonials

Customer service is an integral part of our small, family-run business philosophy. Low prices and quality products are great but they don't always mean much if you can't find the support you need when you have a question or a problem arises.  We're here to help!

Here are some of the things our wonderful customers have said about us over the years. Our little shop is a very personal endeavor so please know how much we appreciate your kind words.

"If it weren't for Judy, at KAMsnaps, I'd have given up a long time ago! Any questions I have, no matter how insignificant, she patiently answers, and goes above and beyond what I ask! I sure do love KAMnaps!"

"I can't say enough good things about Judy - her picture should be beside the definition of customer service in the dictionary. Thanks for your help Judy."

"Judy, thank you! You have truly saved the day. Thank you for having so much patience with me. I have everything matched up now. I’m a customer for life, even though I don’t buy very often. ❤️❤️❤️"

"I can’t thank you enough for getting my order together! I think you’re the best !!"

"Everybody that features your products on YouTube raves about your excellent customer service. If I had a channel I would post myself. Thank you for all of your help. It has been a joy."

"The most informative, well thought-out website for shopping. Even if you know very little (as I did), KAMsnaps will make sure that you are successful in your project."

"I want to say, Thank You to Judy. She helped me get my order right. I had it all messed up. She is the best. I have ordered lots from her and love everything I got. You go girl. Thank you so much."

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put into making this order come together so timely. Your attention to detail saved me from having to place another order when I went to use my new tools and found I didn’t have the necessary tools . . . Thank you for pointing out where I may have double ordered bottoms for punch dies and anything else I wasn’t sure of. I’m sure I could go on but what I really want to thank you for is your patience and professionalism as this order was put together through a string of emails throughout the day. You made this a much easier and more enjoyable process than it would have been without your help. I appreciate it more than you know!"

"I can’t imagine any other company offering this level of customer service!"

"[Judy] is the best EVER! I do not think she ever sleeps! If there was an award for Best Customer Sevice, she would win it ever year!"

"It seems like Kamsnaps has the best customer service around. I hope Judy is paid well, she deserves it!"

"I want to thank you for the great customer service that you have provided. I reached out and had questions about the press that were answered quickly and knowledgeable. Which made me place my order yesterday evening and now it is shipped. This type of service is amazing and kudos to you and your team."

"Some of the prices are just so good you don't really need a sale! That and the excellent customer service keeps KAMsnaps at the top of my supply list!"

"I had absolutely no idea what I needed, so I emailed Judy @KAMsnaps for help. She responded so quickly, told me exactly what I needed and set up the order invoice for me!!! In a world where good customer service is practically extinct ((IMHO) … Judy provided not good but GREAT customer service!!"

"I wish every business had excellent above and beyond customer service like you just provided!"

"You can never go wrong with ordering from KAMSnaps. If you EVER have an issue they will help you sort it out. I do not think those people ever sleep! Super fast shipping and always great quality and assortment. They make sure you have what you need for any project."

"There was a small error in my last order. All I had to do is send an email and they fixed it immediately. I did not expect that at all. I expected that it would be Tuesday before they responded. The quality of customer service is one of the main reasons I return (or don't return) to a shop. And Judy definitely provides excellent customer service. If you are reading this and are considering any other place to purchase dies and presses, don't do it. Look no further than KAMsnaps. You won't be sorry."

"What an amazing experience, working with Judy. Kam Snaps is everything that is good about a small family run business. I'm totally new to this craft, and she navigated me through the process, including pointing out I had put a few things in my cart that I didn't need. I highly recommend."

"Judy, you are my favorite Santa’s helper!! Thanks for all your time, energy & help!!"

"The owner, Judy, personally helped me with what I needed, answered all of my questions in a professional and timely manner, and corrected a mistake I made while ordering. I couldn’t be more pleased!"

"Thank you very much. The reviews of your customer service are very true. I have worked 30 years for a big company as Customer Service, I know what it requires to help each customer on time and professionally. You did it. I appreciated your help."

"Probably the best customer service ever!"

"Omg I love this company. Judy saved my butt, checked everything, eliminated duplication and ensured I had what I'd need. Judy eliminated my stress for this new adventure. Thank you so very much Judy"

"It's been a wonderful experience. The descriptions on your website are good and realistic, no expectations were set that weren't met, only exceeded, your help has been great, people mention you a lot saying that, as I will too now from my own experience :))"

"The bag making groups on Facebook all sing your praises on customer service and I agree."

"Judy is an excellent businesswoman, and she treats her customers like gold!"

"Your customer service makes my heart feel so good. You have a customer for life."

"As always, Judy answered my email in a timely manner with helpful information. So nice to deal with a company that truly puts customer service as a priority."

"KamSnaps is the BEST to work with, and I love them! It's so nice to know you can actually talk to a wonderful person (Judy) who runs the show, and she will help you!"

"I went with KamSnaps because of hearing that Judy's (your) customer service was top notch and now I am experiencing it first hand!"

"Their customer service is beyond the best I have ever experienced!! Their products are fantastic and the education that is on the web site is fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better company to do business with!"

"A HUGE shout out to Judy! She was so patient in answering my millions of email questions. For me, the Kamsnap is a huge purchase - a massive splurge. She pulled it all together and I ordered today. Thank you!!!!!"

"Judy helped me when I placed my first order. I had no idea what I was doing or getting! She is the best!"

"I remember getting my first hand press just for plastic snaps. Then I bought a different press..good lord did I need help. Thankfully Judy is a very patient person. Doesn't mind checking your order to be sure you have the right dies for your projects. Can't say enough about Judy's kindness. She's just great!"

" The more I researched, the more confused I got. I emailed Judy and told what I wanted to make initially. With her help I was able upgrade to the table press and move from only using plastic snaps to rivets and magnetic snaps. I placed my order 2 days after my 1st email to her! She was so helpful and professional!"

"Your attention to customer service is amazing and should be a model for all businesses."

"Thank you so much. That is why I love your company, quick replies, you watch out for us who have no clue what we are doing."

"You really helped me make the right decisions even though I was confused. Thanks for being patient and hanging in there with me. Kam has wonderful customer service."

"Kamsnaps is a wonderful family run site. Judy is absolutely amazing. You won't be sorry you ordered from them, for sure. She is always so ready to offer help, ships amazingly fast, is very kind. They deserve way more than 5 stars."

"Thank you so much. You are a Godsend. Everyone has told me such wonderful things about you, and I must say Amen to all that has been said."

"If there were 20 stars I would give 20! The best customer service out there! Work ethic plus! From west coast to east coast delivery in 3 days is unbelievable! Products are the best quality!"

"These folks are unbelievable with shipping! I don’t think they sleep! Please purchase from them all the time! A+++++++ customer service!"

"I almost can’t believe how quickly orders arrive. I’m a new customer but seriously wowed!"

"Thank you for always staying on top of whether or not your customers have the exact tools for the snaps. There are few businesses these days that seem to care about their customers. You are certainly an exception to that. I continue to tell everyone to only use KamSnaps!"

"Omg you folks are unbelievable!!!!! Did you send the order by flying Angels!!!!! Please come to Baltimore to teach customer service!!!!! You guys get A+++++++ in my book!!!!"

"I think Judy is a miracle worker and her dedication to the well-being of animals heroic!"

"Thumbs up to YOU and the KAMsnaps ordering site. I have never used KAM products and was concerned I might not order the correct items to get the job done. That is until I read that [press] orders are checked by you, verifying the correct items are in fact ordered. Thank you very much for your service."

"KAMsnaps is a fantastic company with amazing customer service that is unmatched."

"Judy is absolutely amazing! Thank you for taking care of the little glitch. ❤️ #bestcustomerservice EVER!"

"I wanted you to know that I loved your email, love what your doing and am happy to support a company that shows a real commitment to community. 

This wasn’t just about the email because through Facebook, I’ve seen how much you love animals. I’ve seen kittens you’ve fostered and you’ve brought smiles to my face many a time with those posts. To see you take that love and build it up even more…

What you’re doing is much appreciated and I don’t even have pets in my life. I can only imagine how much you’ve touched the hearts of those who do.

Keep doing what you do! It’s awesome."

"I really appreciate all your help and patience. You’re a real sweetheart."

"You have always had the best customer service and it matters! I am delighted in your attention to detail towards your customers and it keeps me coming back!"

"I love KAMsnaps!! Great customer service, super fast shipping, and excellent products make them one of the best companies I've encountered in a long, long time."

"Judy, you are beyond fabulous! Thank you so much. Your customer appreciation sets a high bar.  It is meaningful."

"You have hands down the best customer service in the online industry. And your love for the furry, four-footed loves in our lives makes you a superstar."

"Thank you Judy and KAMsnaps for your prompt and swift service of my very first press and dies. You're awesome. I’m looking forward to my future purchases from your company. I will share my amazing experience about your company and personalized service. Very refreshing !!!! So thank you."

"I always get a timely response, and as much help as I could ask for. Judy is a shining star for customer service (plus, her products are the best out there)."

"You guys are amazing!! Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life with a business and your shipping speeds are so fast! I want you to know i personally appreciate you and all the work you put into your family run business. From one small business owner to another, I completely understand how much work goes into it and I want you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed! I see you and your hard work and I’m so so appreciative! Thank you!"

"It is so refreshing to see an honest company. You have some products that don’t work as great as most of your other items and you say that straight out in the write-ups. I am so impressed."

"The world would be a better place if populated with people like you, thanks for all you do!"

"Your customer service , practices, dedication and generosity are exceptional."

"Best customer service from any online resource. That is one of the reasons I always recommend Kamsnaps. I ❤️your product line and your customer care."

"The best small business I have ever done business with."

"Second to NONE in customer service for sure!!"

"Your immediate responses and great service makes you one of my favorite on-line companies to deal with."

"I wish all companies were as responsive as you are.

"Five stars for customer service that is personal, patient, proactive, professional, and pleasant!"

"I personally think you all have the best customer service in the whole world!"

"What great customer service and man are the fast at getting orders sent out!"

"This is the best company I have ever worked with."

"It's so good to have people that help you when you need it. Their customer service was excellent and most surely I will buy again. Thanks so much for Judy."

"Now I know why I’ve heard wonderful things about you and your customer service."

"I’ve never seen a company with better customer service!"

"I just wanted to say thank you and really appreciate how your company goes above and beyond ALWAYS and that's why I keep shopping this awesome company!"

"Best tool ever and you will not find better customer service."

"I'm always pleasantly surprised by your customer service. Maybe I shouldn't be as that has been my experience each time I've dealt with Kamsnaps."

"You are one of the sweetest store owners I’ve ever done business with 🥰"

"This company has the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. I made a mistake ordering the correct items for the press I ordered. Judy caught the error and contacted me. She corrected the items. When I received my order the post office had pretty much destroyed the box. A bolt had been bent. I reached out to Judy and she had a replacement in the mail the same day. I can’t say enough about their service and what an asset Judy is. Give the woman a raise!"

"I always smile when I add Kamsnaps to a project. There are so few companies out there in which you WANT to buy from them. You are one of those companies. Thank you so much for the integrity you show in all you do."

"KAMsnaps and the owner are always helpful, especially to new buyers and users of their products. Great demo videos to help, always fast to ship and respond to questions and the FB group! Other companies should aspire to this level of customer service!"

"Absolutely the BEST SERVICE EVER!"

"Just want to thank you for having such a great business. I will ONLY order from KAMsnaps. Your website is so informative. You have covered all aspects of making ordering easier. Best of luck for continued success. Sincerely, A happy customer"

"Incredible, Judy, wow, best customer rep I have ever worked with!!"

"As always, the best service and fastest shipping of any small business I have ever purchased from."

"Kamsnaps is honestly the best company I have ever ordered anything from… not just presses and hardware, anything. Quick, efficient, quality, customer service, all of it is top notch."

"KAMsnaps is the most amazing co I have ever dealt with. I don't know how she does it. I have used her since 2001. I am always recommending them to all my friends"

"Thank you Judy for the amazing attention to customer service. Will not purchase snaps from anyone else! Fantastic snaps-fast, efficient service- your attention to detail - and thanks for the cute little bag of shapes you added. I will always purchase Kam Snaps! You are awesome."

"This company goes above and beyond, and I am so impressed with them! Thank you so much Kamsnaps for your excellence...You have a customer for LIFE!!!"

"Your customer service is impeccable! These days it’s nice to know you are there and ready to provide support!"

"Wish it had a ten star option!" 

"Dear Judy. I can not express my gratitude enough for all you have helped me with, also the little tokens of your appreciation you have sent me with my orders. I appreciate all you do so very much. I have always purchased from you and will continue to do so. The customer service you offer your clients is second to none, I have never before received such awesome customer service. Thank you so very much for this service, Judy 😃"

"Your customer service is some of the best I've seen and I've been in the customer service business for 30 years!"

"This company is always looking out for their customers. Wonderful to work with!"

"KAMsnapers Friends, Please join Me for a quick moment to “Thank Judy” for being so awesome. Just when you think nobody cares about “customer service” anymore. JUDY, YOU ROCK❤️" Full Facebook post

"She is the best!!! She could rule the world !! Customer service like it should be everywhere!"

"Thank you Judy! Not just for the incredible customer service but more importantly for sharing your compassion and concern with all of us as well as your paw-friends and family. 🤗"

"Judy is incredibly kind, patient and amazing with her customer service!"

"Great job Judy , for all you do with your fur babies and the great cutomer service thank you for making our world even better."

"Thank you Judy! I wish all companies ran like yours❤️"

"💯 the best customer service I have ever been blessed to receive from a company big or small. Best recipe for a great company is customer service and quality products. And not to mention your love of animals speaks volumes about your character! Thank you Judy and your Kamasnap team! ❤️❤️❤️"

"Thank you Judy for providing the absolute best customer service. We all love you!!! You have created customer loyalty like no other."

"You do Customer Service as it should be done. I wish there were more like you."

"I can not imagine a better person to deal with."

"Truly THE BEST customer service ever! Judy is top shelf!!!"

"Judy is one of the most wonderful people. Her customer service is over the top. I don't buy from her very often I have a supply. I have been dealing with her since the early 2000's. Not only is her customers service GREAT. Her product is the best I have ever used."

"I’m not sure what your secret is Judy, but a large number of small business owners would love to know it! I guess it starts with selling a great product, but you add that special customer service to the package and it all makes the great product a great experience for us your customers. "

"Judy is amazing and customer service impeccable!! I am not sure when she sleeps honestly.😊 I live on the East coast and was pleasantly surprised how quick my order shipped."

"They have the best customer service department in the world."

"I have never had a bad experience with KAMsnaps. They are and always have been amazing."

"Oh my goodness! I heard you all had terrific customer service, and now I believe it!"

"Your customer service is better than the comments proclaim!"

"Thank you Judy. Really appreciate your help. I’ve never had such great service as you provide."

"Excellent. (Actually better than that!) service. Nicest person you ever want to deal with. Would not consider buying anywhere else."

"KAMsnaps always goes way beyond expectations. The owner is informative, helpful, and patient. Shipping is quick, and products well made."

"They provided pleasant and informative fine experience for me. The sales rep was able to answer all of my mini questions with ease, she even suggested products to help improve my workflow. Best customer service experience in the past couple of years highly recommend this company to anyone that’s in need of this type of product."

"Fantastic customer service! I made a mistake on my order and it was corrected immediately even though I ordered on a weekend. I've always been satisfied by their products and use them often. Great company!"

"I appreciate your attention to detail and willingness to work with me. I appreciate the quality of your products and the integrity with which you operate your business. I am happy to do business with you and thank you."

"Outstanding and attention to detail. I felt as if I had my own personal shopper with me guiding all the way! Customer service impeccable!!"

"I think two of the most wonderful attributes of Kam Snaps, is the products reliability (phenomenal) and the heart of customer service (priority of satisfaction from their customers)! It’s outstanding. Who wouldn’t want to recommend them! Because of these two major attributes I have referred them to people over and over and never heard any complaints. What a wonderful company to do business with. Snaps variety is amazing, I don’t recall a failure in any snap, no complaints. It’s amazing and refreshing to have that quality of reliability. Thank you to all the staff for your wonderful customer service!"

"I went to the website, and man was I overwhelmed lol. I was like I need everything I guess 🤷‍♀️ Well ya know what, I asked for help through the site. And in swooped Judy!!! Wow! She was amazing! . . . I asked Judy’s advice on what I should start with, and she got me all set up. No matter the time she was on it with answering questions and setting up my cart! One of the greatest customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Definitely in the top five. I will definitely be going back to buy. And with the way I got awesome service just to start, I KNOW that if I have questions or need help I’ll get it with KAMsnaps. Thank you Judy, seriously from the bottom of my artists heart."

"I heard from the reviews of your company that you do give personalized attention to the customer but I now know that this is not hype but a reality. Thanks again."

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KAMsnaps . . . as a Loyal customer I have never been disappointed! Many THANKS for always EXCEEDING my expectations with Quality products and Friendly customer service!"

"The product lives up to the reputation and the customer service and shipping is fantastic!"

"The best customer service I've ever had."

"The BEST purchase I have made in 35 years of crafting/sewing. Saying I am completely satisfied is an understatement! My orders have literally been filled and shipped within 24 hours. FABULOUS family-owned business and I highly recommend!"

"Judy's reputation is fantastic because she's always consistent in her service. Hard to say that in these times. I don't know how she does it but thank you ❤️"

"I had absolutely no idea what I needed except that I wanted a table press, but when I told Judy what I was making, she actually built a cart for me with exactly what I needed! That is amazing service!"

"This place has the best customer service of any company I’ve dealt with in a long time, if not ever."

"I'm stunned at the fabulous customer service."

"I read reviews about KAMsnaps and wondered if they could all be true. Let me say that I am one more fan of Judy and Kamsnaps."

"I think two of the most wonderful attributes of KamSnaps, is the products reliability (phenomenal) and the heart of customer service (priority of satisfaction from their customers)! It’s outstanding. Who wouldn’t want to recommend them! Because of these two major attributes I have referred them to people over and over and never heard any complaints. What a wonderful company to do business with."

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I very much appreciate your help...and you did it late on a Sunday night....WHAT? All the great thing I see about you are 100% true!"

"Just want to say again how impressed l am with your care and it is rare in today's business for someone to have complete competency and willingness to provide great customer service."

"Judy you are the bomb dot com!!!"

"The customer service is unsurpassed."

"Judy... I just want to tell you all my friends order from you as well and one thing we all say is...YOU are great at customer service. But I think it's more than that...You want to help us and that way we make smarter choices and do not get frustrated. THANK YOU...for your kindness. I know your time is valuable but you always make me feel better asking you questions"

"It’s rumored your customer service is phenomenal, I whole heartedly agree."

"I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! to Judy at She answered my email on a Sunday night when I was in a bind, and helped me with a solution to my problem. I can't say enough about your great customer service!!"

"[Judy is] the best! She helped me out on a weekend as well and I’ve been praising her name since!!"

"I really liked everything about this store and products! They gave me more attention that I could expected, they are so nice and kind! I love my press!thank you so much!the best place ever🎉🎉🎉"

"Kamsnaps customer service is outstanding! Maybe the best I've ever experienced!"

"My goodness folks. This is the most helpful and knowledgeable people I have dealt with ever. Hats off to their great service. Love dealing with them."

"So glad to see the kindness and caring that they displayed to me."

"Judy, I want to Thank You so much for All of Your time that You spent with me. I So Appreciate it. You have made Me feel so important and definitely a long time Customer.  I am so grateful to You.  Again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"Great product and excellent customer service! Judy spotted a potential problem with my order and contacted me to discuss before fulfilling the order. You just don't find that kind of customer service very often these day. I highly recommend"

"Thanks for your help, you have a new customer in me. After a bad experience with another company you are a breath of fresh air."

"Judy you are better than a can of condensed milk. Thank you for all the help and advise. You deserve a medal."

"Just want to take a moment to acknowledge the beyond amazing, astronomically above and beyond, wonderful customer service of Judy and The fact that they support animal rescue was already a huge plus in my book and would likely make me a regular customer but the customer service has made me a customer for life. Thank you for being amazing!"

"You are the BEST, Judy!!!  You made this whole thing SO much easier! Customer service still exists at KAMsnaps!!!"

"I received my order yesterday in record time! I appreciate the consolidation of four orders into one and refunding shipping fees. You are amazing! No way can I ever get this kind of proactive service from big box stores."

" They are a WONDERFUL company to buy from. More companies need to have their customer service take lessons from them."

"The customer service experience of this shop goes above and beyond what I see in today's retail arena. They are extremely helpful, very quick to respond to any inquiries and have the fastest shipping I've ever seen. I highly recommend KAMsnaps!!"

"Great pricing, quick shipping and such helpful customer service! Need to know what to purchase to meet your needs? They will work with each request to find just the right products. A pleasure to shop with kamsnaps. I would highly recommend and will purchase from this family run company again and again."

"Judy should give other retailers a customer service and packing class! She is simply the best!"

"I was able to get elastic for my mask making and at the best price all year! I paid through the nose from the sellers on eBay who charged 3 & 4 times more than the going rate when the Virus hit & people all over the country started making masks. In my county 1600 women made 20,000 masks since March 20, 2020 - ALL given away for free to those who needed them the most, front line workers of every kind. Kamsnaps came through as no other company I have heard of during this crisis! A BIG thanks to everyone at Kamsnaps!"

"This is the kindest and friendliest place to shop!"

"KAMsnaps consistently provides excellent service and support, exceeding expectations every time."

"Thank you so much for providing the elastic and other items for constructing masks at cost. I know a small business does not have a large profit margin, but you have chosen to support your community over making money. I understand.

I lost my extra income, but I do have lots of fabric. So I’m doing what I can with what I have. When I despair over some of the behavior I see, even from the highest officials in the land, I want you to know that behavior like yours reminds me that most of us want to help our neighbors, wherever they live, whatever they look like, wherever they came from.

Thank you for making it possible for me to continue in my endeavor, and I wish good fortune on you and your family in yours. Stay safe. "

"Can I just say, your company has been so thoughtful. I’ve only (yet) placed 2 orders, and BOTH times you have covered me on my mistakes. That just tells me that owners/staff are totally committed to their customers. Thank you. You have a customer for life and I will not hesitate to refer your company and products to anyone who will listen."

"Judy: a note to say Thank You! Not only for providing excellent products, going above and beyond to source face mask supplies, shipping faster than the speed of lightning -- but more importantly, for the character you display and share in serving all your customers.

Your words and responses posted online are always filled with honesty, genuineness and kindness. A voice of calm and hope in the storm!

Just wanted to tell you thank you personally and say You Are Appreciated!"

"I keep telling people, "There's this amazing woman out there. She's the one I buy my snaps from. I can't even explain all that she's doing right now [during the pandemic]." And then I start tearing up."

"Thank you Judy, your company has been a life saver us."

"Exceptional!!...As always! Great product, amazing customer service and such quick turnaround. If only everyone was as efficient and conscientious ! If you are not a yourself a favor and become one! Thank you for such amazing care!"

"I had no idea what I needed. So I emailed in hopes of a response. Boy was I surprised when you actually set up a cart, with everything I asked for. All I had to do was check out. Received with no problems. Beyond my expectations. Thank you so much."

"I wanted to let you know how delighted I am in doing business with your company. Your help was crucial in knowing which products I needed for the application they were intended for. I thank you for your outstanding knowledge and customer service. I look forward to continued business with your company in the future!"

"Though we have never met in person, after 7 1//2 years of ordering and corresponding with you I feel like I know you."

"I don't write reviews, I am just not the type. But I have been wanting to tell you all, for a long time, how much you rock.

When I first started, I wandered the internet for months trying to understand snaps, and the different types, and the presses, and the dies. All sheer frustration. I had drawers full of snaps I couldn't install, and dies I couldn't make sense of. Lots of sites (other than Kamsnaps)  will sell you the equipment, which arrives without any instructions, much of it poor quality, leaving you in confusion.

Then, I finally found your site. Clear instructions! Suddenly, the clouds of confusion parted and the sunshine of understanding flowed in. I no longer felt like I clod. 

I recently ordered more snaps and another press and got it pronto, which was amazing--during the current pandemic conditions, and given that you are a small company.  Anyway, you guys are the best."

"I'm writing to say, THANK YOU for having such a great website!  Your videos, answers to common questions, and guidance for which tools to buy are all very helpful.  Amongst all the snap sellers on the internet, you won my business with your thoughtful, customer-oriented design. Nice Job."

"My husband got a press from your website for Christmas and it’s been a freaking dream. Your shipping is not only insanely fast but actually makes sense and is reasonably priced and you even combined two of my orders last week to save me shipping. No other company takes that time. But you do. You’re amazing. You have my business forever. And thank you for being so freaking awesome. I didn’t know where to leave a review or how to get this message to you. But I rave about you constantly and figured you just had to know.  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️"

"Best small business I’ve ever spent money on ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ 💕"

"They are informative on website, they refunded me my money on parts I did not need, without me asking...they are quick, knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy. 5 1/2 [out of 5] stars."

"Wish all companies were like them."

"Couldn’t ask for better! Customer service is the fastest I’ve ever experienced. She gives honest answers and doesn’t try to sell you things that won’t benefit you. Great prices and pretty good selection, ample how-to videos and charts. Aaand it all started out of necessity to help rescue dogs :)"

"Best customer service super fast shipping and an AMAZING product. I have never had anything bad from Judy. In fact I tell everyone I meet that does any crafting to check her out. If I could give her 10 stars that's what she would get."

"The great thing about buying from KAMsnaps is the help you get from Judy. This is a small family business with great customer service. She works hard to make sure our orders are correct and shipping is super fast."

I was very confused about which press and dies to buy. I emailed customer service and Judy very quickly emailed me back. She was very patient and answered every question I had. I am extremely happy with my choices and owe it all to Judy and the help she gave me."

"These folks get everything right — they have a great product at an excellent price, offer tutorials and personalized customer support AND they give back to the world!"

"Judy and her KAM snaps elves are the best! Great assistance, customer service, and the best products!"

"I can't say enough good about Judy and Kamsnaps. She is the epitome of fantastic customer service. Her products are GREAT! She just does all the things that make the BEST!!!"

"They have the best customer service and the most patience I have ever seen. I recommend them often."

"Judy at KAMsnaps provides the utmost in excellent customer service, quality packaging and delivery and always varied and excellent products offerings. I have been a customer of hers for several years now. I highly recommend both the product and the seller!"

"I cannot say enough about the customer service Judy provides to her customers! She goes out of her way to make sure they are completely satisfied with their orders. If you have never ordered from KAMSnaps and want to try their products, do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Judy for going above and beyond! ❤️"

"I wish I could give Judy 10 stars! This company seriously has the best customer service. They are always willing to help me figure out exactly what I need and shipping is always so fast! I never get my snaps, rivets, supplies and tools anywhere else! "

"I just want to tell you that although I haven't even placed my first order, I am SO dang impressed with you and your company. Many thanks for a superior (pre)customer service!"

"I have read all the glowing reviews about your customer service and they are spot on! "

"As a fellow business owner, I applaud you on a regular basis."

"This company has the best customer service I have ever dealt with."

"Judy is the best. I bought my press many years ago and have watched her store grow over the years. Her customer service is impeccable."

"I just love Judy’s positive , honest, customer-based, friendly way of doing business. She’s the real deal!"

" I love KAMsnaps. I appreciate the responsiveness when I have a question. I appreciate the quick delivery and I really like the product that allows my projects to look professional. Judy is awesome and what she and her family does is amazing."

" Best place to shop & best service, best quality & the fastest shipping ever. Love love LOVE this company & the customer service is 2nd to NONE."

" Your products are amazing & always shipped quickly but what makes it all so great is you. I think you are one of the most personable, helpful & kind sellers that I’ve dealt with."

"Judy really will help you put together a [press bundle] without pushing you to buy things you don’t need or things that you might consider buying later to enhance your starter set. She is the most helpful shop owner I have ever experienced."

" I feel like you're someone I know, not some business. "

" Judy, you are the best hard goods supplier I buy from. Your shipping is fast, orders are filled accurately, I have never had a problem with quality. Your website is well organized. Your search engine is efficient and intuitive. Information and instructions are clearly and concisely presented. I would purchase from you even if you didn’t rescue dogs 😉"

" I’ve often thought that you should teach a class about how to run a service oriented business. 🥰"

"I am a frequent online shopper, have been for many years. You are the most helpful, efficient supplier I’ve used. You make me feel I am in a friendly family-run old neighborhood store. I have to let you know this, as your precious kind sadly vanishes from the shopping experience."

"Incredible. Have never dealt with a company as great as this."

" I'm just a hobbyist so don't order a whole lot, but you have always been very helpful. Even talked me out of something I didn't need at one time. Thank you for your good service."

"Judy, reading all the animal stories on your site just warms my heart this holiday season! You encourage us to create and make projects so you can help support the animals that have no one! You are my hero! You are the reason I did not have the "Animal Police" come take the baby kittens born on my patio, TWICE. Thank you for all the good things you do...and for letting us share/vent our animal stories on your site. You're definitely not here for just the truly care and encourage."

"My husband just had an incredible experience with Judy helping him put a press package together for my Christmas present! He'll be so happy when I tell him all about it! Lol. Best customer service ANYWHERE!"

" Kamsnaps allows everyone to share information, suggestions, etc. The products are fantastic and the service is truly unbelievable. You barely hit the "complete order" button, poof, your package is in the mail! They are always available for questions and help. I love KamSnaps!!!!"

"Judy from KAM snaps is amazing! She answered all of my questions and provided excellent customer service. I would recommend KAM snaps to anyone and everyone. I am beyond happy with the care and products I've received. I will continue to be a customer here! If you are wondering if you should buy from KAM snaps - do it! You won't be let down. (: "

"Customer service is AMAZING - always very helpful! A great company to support!"

"You won't have a better shopping experience anywhere! The owner Judy gives the best customer service and will help her customers anyway she can!"

"I have been a user of these products for a long time. I don't remember when I bought my first snap press. It was when she only sold one size snaps. Thank you Kam snaps for being a wonderful company. Hang in there I see you have a lot of competition out there. I always tell my friends about Kam when they complain about there snaps not setting right. GOD BLESS THIS CO."

" This company is new to me and I must say they are GREAT. Customer service is the BEST."

"I commend you for striving always to run a positive, excellent business which encourages the best in people and creativity."

"Judy returned my many emails answering my many questions and was always very kind and informative!"

" Could not have asked for a better on-line shopping experience."

" FANTASTIC! Have questions? They are promptly answered. Error in shipment? Remedied immediately. They know their products and are a wealth of information."

"Wow that was fast!!!! Thanks so much Judy for your help in fixing up my messed up order."

" One of the best small businesses I have ever ordered from. Fast, friendly service and always there to answer any questions."

" I will be ordering more. Judy is friendly and quick to answer questions and help with problems. I wish more companies were as invested."

" One of the best small business companies I have ever dealt with. Fast, friendly, knowledgeable service. Absolutely recommend!"

"I am beyond impressed at the customer service from KAMsnaps. Judy was so patient and beyond amazing and helpful I just cannot thank her enough!"

" I can’t possibly say enough about the customer service. Prompt, courteous,helpful, and makes an effort to keep the customer from making an error in ordering, by keeping them informed. Shipping speed defies explanation and is very reasonable. The product is first rate.

If you’ve ever attempted to set a snap, rivet or grommet with a woefully inadequate tool you’ve purchased in a craft store and been disappointed in the appearance afterward, this tool is going to be the answer to your wishes. The snaps, grommets and dies are great quality, with a huge selection and some are even whimsical. I like the tool so much I’ve purchased 2 more to give to friends!

All that and the proceeds go to helping the business owner’s provide for their rescue dogs. What are you waiting for? Order already!"

"The personal relationship with customers can not be beat. Friendly and knowledgeable. And I love the products."

"I have been purchasing all of my craft snaps, rivets, grommets and tools from Judy for some time now and not only do they have excellent products but their service is second to none. Have a question? Well Judy can answer it. If you aren't sure what to buy for your project, ask Judy---she is always more than happy to help. I highly recommend they are truly the best!"

" Great products! Easy to order with timely delivery! AMAZING business owners who care and connect with their customers. They in turn have an group of users ready to share experiences and help newbies."

" Judy is always on top of her game. She is on the west coast and I'm on the east coast. She gets orders together quickly and they arrive in a few days. Kam Snaps is AWESOME!"

" is the ultimate in customer service, efficiency, quality products, and shopping experience. The products are exceptional in quality, numerous in choices and useful in so many ways. Shipping is quick and always accurate. Customer questions are answered quickly and with respect. I cannot recommend highly enough"

" Best customer service I have encountered and I do a lot of online shopping. Very helpful and responsive and they have a great product. Highly recommended."

"Several years ago while in the midst of designing a patented clothing accessory I discovered Judy and KAMsnaps. They made the design more functional, easier to use and easier to manufacture. From hand pliers, and of course the removal tool, bench presses, and finally dies which easily fit the manufacturer’s automatic press each and every order, purchase and delivery has been perfect.  It is as much about the culture she has created - an open, sharing and caring group as it is about fabulous products, great offers and incredible service. Thanks again Judy for making lots of dreams come true."

" The Kam Snap Company is terrific. Judy is always willing to help with any question and is generous of heart. I feel like I have a personal friend with the Kam Snap Family."

"I really appreciate your kindness and generosity. I have never had such good service!"

" I have placed many orders with Judy at KAMsnaps over the last 5 years. The orders are extremely well packaged and I can't believe how fast I receive them, even in Hawaii! The snaps, snap presses, press dies, rivets, and other hardware is of excellent quality. There is usually an extra "goodie" in the package, either a new type of hardware to try or engraved snaps. Customer service is the best, fast and helpful. Makes me feel like I'm more than just a customer."

"No wonder you guys get such great reviews.  It's hard to believe a family business can create such a great product and provide such great service."

" KAMsnaps is trustworthy and extremely customer oriented. As a "newbie" to the art, they walked me through several purchases to ensure I had all the necessary components needed to complete a job and to purchase the correct snaps/rivets so I wasn't delayed by not having the correct pieces and prevented me wasting money by ordering things I couldn't use. The website has a lot of helpful information but if you need to speak to a live person, they are very quick to get back to you. KAMsnaps is number one in my opinion - you can't go wrong dealing with them!"

" In a world where customers are often just a number, I’m so impressed that even though it was probably my error, you very kindly responded to me in such a positive way and such a timely manner!! Customer for life!!!! Thank you!"

"Big shout out to Judy from Kamsnaps. She went so far above and beyond to help me with my snap problem. Awesome customer service! I so appreciate your time and patience!!"

" This is the most professional company I have dealt with online. . . MAXIMUM THUMBS UP"

" Amazing business that gives back to the world. Ships lightening quick and communicates well. Easy to deal with. I wish everyone operated their business like this."

" Customer service and products best I have ever had."

" is the very best shopping experience of all. Very efficient, very fast shipping, beautiful products with excellent customer service. I will continue buying from for as long as I am around."

"Thank you so much for everything. I just can't forget how much you care for customers. Wow! one great company."

"This is my first time ordering with you guys (and using snaps). I will HIGHLY recommend you guys. Your customer support is amazing and coming from a retail background I know how difficult it can be sometimes to meet everyone's needs with such speed and etiquette. Thank you so very much for your kindness and for the pride you show for your work."

"We admire you for your kindness and generosity to those in need. Keep up the good work, and know that KAM Snaps is making a difference in this world."

"In a day and time where customer service is a dying art, Kamsnaps® takes care of their customers like they are a best friend or family member."

"I have made a couple of orders from Kam Snaps and am amazed at their customer service and promptness. They have good quality products and they go above and beyond. Thank you Judy."

"I have never been so happy with a product in my entire 50 years of sewing."

" Outstanding service is so regular at Kamsnaps, it's easy to forget to express our gratitude. Thanks retroactively Judy for your help and amazing service over the years!"

"KAMsnaps is a small company but you would never know it. They always go above and beyond to help and to make my shopping experience flawless : )"

"I received a nice little package.  You are so very kind!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the adorable KAMsnaps!    I LOVE them.  I have been making dresses and vests to auction for our rescue!!  Not too many people around like you, I really appreciate your kindness!  Cheers!"

"Hello: I received the best customer service I have ever experienced from [Judy]. Thank you to [Judy] for her prompt replies and patience. ps: I will gladly do TV commercials for a nominal fee! Ha!"

" Excellent service and products. These are the best people to deal with."

"Oh my goodness, the rumors are true, you ARE awesome!!! Thanks so much. So excited to be a customer."

"You have been most helpful throughout this purchase! Customer service does not get any better than this! Wishing you all the very best!"

"I really appreciate you double checking with me on this. I think many companies wouldn’t even care and just send it out, so I honestly appreciate it. I also appreciate how responsive you are with answering emails…day and night…impressive. We sort of work around the clock too and it’s refreshing to see someone out there who really cares about their customers."

"Your site was very impressive, especially, in the amount of helpful detail you provided. Your attention to detail speaks volumes for the respect and desire you have for your customers' success."

" You could not possibly find a better company to do business with. Service is always outstanding!"

"Just received my pliers and snaps yesterday as a new customer. One of the pieces was broken. I contacted customer service this morning about it and they (Judy) were so polite and helpful! The problem was solved within two hours of me contacting them, probably would've been even sooner if I had been checking my email more frequently.  I am very happy with my purchase and their customer service! I can't wait to snap everything! Thanks so much Kam Snaps & Judy!"

"THANK YOU for your OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. What a pleasure dealing with your company. I admire your support for rescue dogs. I understand why you have so many outstanding reviews. Many THANKS! "

"Your excellent service, fine product and attention to customer service are really appreciated by our sewers here in central Iowa (Days for Girls)!"

"You have excellent customer service and I love love love your products! Perfect for my baby products! And coming from an owner of a business myself, I appreciate your products & amazing customer service!"

"You have the very best commercial website that I have ever used (to my knowledge) as well as prices and shipping rates that make sense for your products.   I wish that more companies were like yours, in those respects.  Thank you.  When and if I again need a product that is sold by KAMsnaps, that is where I plan to purchase it."

“Great business and great morals, you've got a customer loyal to you!"

"I just want to take the time to thank you so much for your amazing customer service. I have dealt with a few companies lately who could learn a thing or two from you, so it's nice to have a great company like yours that you can rely on."

"Thank you so much! I see your company is ‘more than fair’… which makes you stand out, WAY above the crowd in today’s business world. You’re setting a fine example. Thank you."

"WOW!!! I placed my order on Friday afternoon and I got it today (Monday). You're quicker than Santa! LOL. Thank you for always being so quick and awesome."

"Greetings KAM Snaps Family: We recently placed our first order for snaps and they are awesome; I'm thinking of all kinds of things I can put them on! I was unsure about plastic snaps until we tested them, but they are perfect for our new product and I expect that we will be ordering many more in the future. Like you, we are a small family owned business (3 years old) and our approach is much like yours, we try to befriend every customer and vendor. I'm excited about doing business with you guys and I think KAM Snaps is doing a great job - good prices, fast shipping, thorough info on the website and a friendly attitude. Keep up the good work, and remember, you always have friends at FASTFIRE Camera Strap!"

"Sitting relaxing thought about you Judy ...decided to send a line or two to let you know that I have worked with many people...your patience and understanding towards business is perfection. You have taught me a few things how to come around people and their ideas. Thank you !!!!! The snaps are the best we've ever had. We do all or most of our own sewing and that is just what we needed, snaps that would still look brand new after 20x of daily washings. WOW...."

"Thank you so very much for your awesome customer service!!! My replacements came just in time so I could finish Christmas presents for my nieces and they loved them! Thank you so much!!!!!!! Mostly because of your great service my mom will soon be ordering from you."

"Four words: BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I am a permanent customer. Thank you!"

"I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me. I couldn't have done it without you. Who knows what I would have ordered if you wouldn't have explained me through everything. I am so grateful for what you have done and that little surprise at the end that was pleasant and appreciated. Thanks a million for everything."

"I very much appreciate the prompt attention. I would add that your website is outstanding in terms of clarity. Being new to the whole KAM snap concept I had no problem figuring out all the "how, why and what." This all started for me when I went looking for an alternative to metal snaps -- something that wouldn't corrode in harsh conditions. Your website had it all in one place."

"I can't tell you how highly all the people from Days for Girls talk about your amazing company and customer service! It is so refreshing to know there are companies that truly care and are willing to go the extra mile in helping people help others. Thank you so much for being that kind of company!"

"Thank you for supporting Days for Girls. We love your generosity and kindness. We have women all over the place using your snaps to make re-useable feminine hygiene supplies for girls all over the world. THANK YOU for helping."

" I have been ordering from KAMsnaps for about 4 years now, and have only had the absolute best experience. Great products, shipped super fast, and wonderful customer service. The only place I will ever shop for snaps :)"

" This is an excellent, responsive seller who knows her customers. She offers regular specials and gives great customer service and appreciation. She also has a wonderful product!"

"I have bought from a number of times now and their service is always spectacular. If I have a question I always get a prompt answer, if I have a snap problem I get suggestions how to solve it, and orders usually ship the same day I place them. Just a delightful company to do business with!"

"You both are so awesome and so sweet - the most wonderful business we have ever worked with for Gracie's Gowns and the reason we buy over and over again and send so many people your way!"

"I love your products and your more than fair prices. You are the best place I have had the pleasure to deal with in my 53 years of sewing."

"I totally love how you treat your costumers thank you so much !!!!"

"Your site was very impressive, especially, in the amount of helpful detail you provided. As an old computer systems software designer (basic business type applications from 1960 - 1990), your attention to detail speaks volumes for the respect and desire you have for your customers' success. It's almost always true that a happy customer will be a lifelong customer and friend."

"I just want to say thank you for your FANTASTIC customer service. I have ordered several times with no problems, but there was a minor mixup on the last order. Emails were answered within minutes and the problem resolved before the day was over. Thank you so much!"

"Aloha, I would like to say that you have the sweetest, most efficient, customer friendly website I have ever come across. Also, the fact that you save pooches just adds the frosting on the cake. Mahalo nui loa for a breath of fresh air on the Internet."

"Just wanted to commend you on your site and rescue work. Absolutely fantastic. I was browsing the site today to put together an order and got completely side tracked with the sweet dogs. My last order of the starter set has me completely hooked, now just plain white snaps are not enough hence my shopping. Thanks for being a great place to shop and an amazing haven for dogs!"

"Fabulous product. We are developing a sanitary napkin plant in Uganda and are planning to use Kamsnaps® in our manufacturing process because of the great quality and service."

"KAMsnaps® are the only snaps I have ever used, since February 2010 when I started my company. The quality is amazing, customer service even better, and fast shipping!"

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your amazing customer service and incredibly speedy shipping!!! I never fear running out of snaps because I know I'll get them fast when I'm in a bind. Thank you for being so reliable. It makes my work so much more pleasant."

"Just have to say that Judy is the best ever! Seriously amazing customer service and super fast too! Thanks for being awesome!"

" is a wonderful company to do business with. In my personal opinion, the KAMsnaps® company is the perfect example of what I like to see in a company: quality products, great turn-around time on orders, friendly customer service and community minded support - I am pleased to consider myself a loyal customer - KAMsnaps® Rock!"

"You truly are an awesome company run by some pretty remarkable people and I'm so glad I found you."

"It's awesome that there are great people and companies out there. If there is some way to properly thank you I would love to do it. Thank you again!"

"Thanks again for your incredible helpfulness and prompt responses - they really helped me to decide what to order! You all truly have great customer service!"

"KAMsnaps®is my favorite place to buy snaps for my snap die press. They are courteous, speedy with shipment, and the prices are very reasonable! I've referred several friends because I love supporting a business that cares so much about customer service and delivers on their promise to be the best they can be!"

"I absolutely love The owner is nice, helpful, and offers all kinds of useful advice. The quality of their product is exceptional and offered at very reasonable prices. They ship quickly too. You can't go wrong with this company!"

"My wife and I would like to say that we admire you for your kindness and generosity to those in need. Over the past year we have seen you donate products and money to various causes and encouraged the KAMsnaps® community to do likewise. My wife and I are not "volume" customers, but we will always be loyal to KAMsnaps® and do what we can to promote your company to others. Keep up the good work, and know that KAMsnaps® is making a difference in this world!"

"They are absolutely fantastic. In a day and time where customer service is a dying art, KAMsnaps® takes care of their customers like they are a best friend or family member."

"It's always a great thing to do to help out the community, I find it great that you contribute. :) Great business and great morals, you've got a customer loyal to you!"

"I had to write to tell you that I love dealing with your company. It has always been a pleasure and all transactions have been so easy, shipped accurately and in good time. Even times I have asked for a correction to an order (when I have made a mistake in ordering) you have been fantastic at correcting the order to ensure I have what I want/need in my order. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service!"

"You have the best customer service ever! I am so glad that when I first started my cloth diaper and cloth pad making journey that I decided to go with Kamsnaps! I will continue recommending you to all of my friends. Thank you for all of your help!"

"Thank you!!! I love the customer service & speed from KAMsnaps®. I bought from other stores before I shopped here. They do NOT compare!!! I never went back to them after KAMsnaps®. Really, thank you so much!"

"Thank you!! I'm so happy I found such a great company to do business with. The videos were SO helpful in figuring out what I needed ;-)"

"Thank you SO much for your excellent customer service and above and beyond troubleshooting with my press. You've earned a customer for life :)"

"You have been a dream for customer service! I worked for an online retailer in the customer service department so I appreciate that you are fast in your solutions and replies."

"Love KAMsnaps®!! Your products are wonderful and quality is amazing! Customer service goes beyond expectations and that is nice to find now a days!! Thank you!!"

"So very very happy with your service. Was excited with my 1st order and very surprised with the speed of it"s arrival. One week - all the way to Australia!!!!! I could not wait to get started with them and have been merrily snapping away! The snaps work perfectly on my children's clothes collection and are so easy to apply. A fantastic and economical alternative and to buttons. Thank you do much! I am a very happy customer and will be ordering again."

"I just wanted to thank you for being so patient and helpful while I tried to figure out which of your products worked best for the project I was working on. I couldn't be happier, or more pleased! Thank you!! ♥"

"I just want to say that KAMsnaps®customer service is beyond superior. I received the wrong order and Judy was kind enough to work with me right away and get everything squared away! That was awesome!! Best customer service I've had in a LONG time! Thank you!"

"A perfect example for all sellers! EXCELLENT service ! Bravo!"

"If you're stumbling across this page or the KAMsnaps® website, stumble no more! I love their variety, the ease of ordering, the staff is super quick to respond to questions, and they're super helpful. Shipping times? LIGHTNING FAST! A friend sent a slightly different press from Amazon two days before I ordered mine from KS and guess which got there first? KS! I will not order snaps or related accessories from anyone else ever again! KAMsnaps® has my business for life!"

"I just want to say thank you for being so responsive in my recently new purchase of the KAMsnaps® press, with all the questions and how soon your responded to me. When I finally learned what I was doing wrong by reading all the information provided on your site, as well as the you tube videos, it was so easy."

"I find that your website is so well explained and full of all the info one needs - including the tutorials - to determine what one needs and how to order it properly. I think your website is a true rarity. "

"We love your snaps! I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. Diapers I made with your products almost 6! years ago are completely trashed after 2 kids and thousands of wearings but the snaps work and look like brand new. We tried a new brand (cheaper) snap last spring and were devastated when we had to completely rip out and re-do (using kam snaps) all the snaps because the new cheap snaps were, CHEAP! Love your colors, love your service and communication!! Thank you thank you and thank you."

"I wanted you to know that I just got my press and was absolutely shocked at how well the plastic snaps work! Even on my leather bracelets! It is so nice to find a product that performs better than I ever expected!"

"We are so much happier with your fast response and service. We ourselves are customer oriented and find it such a pleasure to be treated in the same regard."

"I want you to know that I truly appreciate companies like yours who embrace quality customer service. Your attentiveness in this matter has won you a loyal customer!"

"I just want to tell you how impressed I am with you and your company. I just placed the order and I got them all today and I  love them so very much.  Thank you for your service."

"I just wanted to take a second to let you know that I love your site and your product! I think that your service and shipping is second to none :) thank you for doing such an amazing job! It is so great to know that when I need snaps in a pinch I can usually have them almost overnight ( seems like I get them the next day since I am in CA too!)"

"I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I have never been so happy with a product in my entire 50 years of sewing. I have been making onesies and diaper covers and using your wonderful snaps and snap setter. It was very economical and easy to use. I will recommend your products to anyone I know that sews and uses such products. I just bought a box of plastic snaps at JoAnns a couple of days ago and returned them after finding your site and ordering from you. Your shipping was extremely fast as well. I guess I am just trying to say thank you for offering such great products at such affordable prices."

"I placed an order with you guys a couple of days ago and got it today...amazing!! so fast...thank you... I will be shopping with you guys exclusively...and I will be sending my friends!! thank you... "

"I could not believe the excellent support. I received replies to emails late in the evening even on weekends!"

"Thank you again. You have been amazing =) I have never had customer service the way you have provided."

"Best Customer Service Ever! Just had to say it ♥"

" rocks!! Big raves for Judy for her fantastic customer service. I checked out some super snaps on her website for my kids' winter jackets, sewed them up, and when I went back to order them, one of the kind I needed wasn't on the site anymore!!! Talk about a panic!!! I HAD to have those snaps!! I emailed right then and there to ask what was up, at 9pm mind you, and she replied immediately. Not only did she hook me up with the snaps I was searching for, she shipped the order out the next day!! I had my order SO quickly, for a good price and with a smile on my face, to boot!!! Thanks, Judy!!! That's not the only time I've emailed with questions and gotten a quick response back, but that sure was AWESOME customer service. I would recommend shopping at KAMsnaps® to anyone, any day!!"

"Enormous selection so you always find what you're looking for.. great quality.. amazing prices.. quick shipping.. couldn't ask for better service from a business :) Have had nothing but good experiences from them and plan to buy from them for years to come"

"The customer service is SO far above and beyond ALL others!! This reason is another that makes KAMsnaps® stand out above all others! They are my example when offering customer service of my own!"

"I love kamsnaps, not only the snaps but their customer service AWESOME, I couldn't ask for better service and faster shipping."

"Judy was a huge help to me last night. I sent her dozens of pics and she helped me figure out what was wrong. In talking with her also I asked her about presses and she was so great and I appreciated the fact that she did not right away try to sell me on one."

"Judy.. you have the BEST customer service!!! Thank you so much for the prompt service and FREE delivery!! I only purchase my snaps for my cloth diapering business!! Thank you so much!! I never have any problems with the snaps not working!! Great Quality Product with Excellent Customer Service."

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