Help! My Key Fob Hardware is Breaking

January 31, 2024

What causes the key fob hardware to break like this?
Broken Key Fob Hardware  Broken Key Fob Hardware


For lack of a better term, let's call the part that broke off the "handle."  The above happens when the handle is sandwiched too closely to the key fob dies.


Key Fob Hardware Dies to Set


In the first picture above, part of the handle sits   on top  of the die.  (This is exaggerated for demonstration purposes.)  As a result, the dies will bend the handle when pressed down, thereby causing the handle to break off.

Key Fob Hardware Dies to Install


In the second photo above, only the   opening  of the "V" part of the hardware is sandwiched between the dies.  The top part of the "V" where the handle connects   doesn't touch  the dies at all.  This ensures that the handle won't be crushed when pressure is applied.


Tip: When using the table press with the key fob clamping dies, it's best to apply light pressure and press down only partially on one side of the hardware first.  Then flip the hardware and press down a little more on the other side.  Repeat.  This results in more even pressure being applied to both sides of the hardware for a more uniform press, and helps to prevent over-pressing which may cause the handle to break off.

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