How to Add Snaps to Thirsties Duo Diapers (Tutorial)

July 04, 2017

If the aplix on your Thirsties Duo diapers is getting old and worn out or your toddler has learned to undo the velcro, you can easily convert the diaper to a snap closure.

  Thirsties Duo Snap Conversion
Tutorial copied with permission by Take Time to Smell the Roses 

Upclose photo of the yucky aplix.

First you have to take off the existing aplix with a seam ripper.On the Thirsties DUO the aplix is sewn into the edge of the diaper. When you reach the end, take a pair of sharp sewing scissors and cut very close to the edge. Be careful not to cut the edging or your diaper!

The diaper after you have removed the aplix.

  Next you need to decide what size of tabs you will need for your diaper. I did not measure this part. I feel that this is something that each cloth diaper mama needs to decide on depending on the built of her baby. Keep in mind you'll have a little bit used for the seam allowance. You also want to make sure there is enough over lapping the old tabs and doesn't create a thick seam where you want to place a snap. I have leftover PUL that I used to create my tabs with and I also used some scrap fleece inside the tabs just for added thickness. I think that scrap flannel would work just as well for the tabs. You do not need to go buy PUL just for the tabs!

 Next step is to sew the sides of the PUL and then slide in the piece of fleece inside.

 Pin the tabs on tucking in the raw edges.

  Sew on the tabs.

Add the snaps to the tabs. I was sent a few of these cute colored snaps so I thought I would make this diaper extra colorful :-)

Re-measure your snaps on the tabs to figure out how far apart you will need to have them on the diaper. Measure and mark where the snaps need to be placed. This was my first diaper to convert so it doesn't look perfect by any means!

  Add snaps.


The Thirsties Duo after conversion!

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