Attach KAM Snaps to Walls, Wood, or Any Flat Surface

July 19, 2017

Here's a creative tip shared by "Lily Whitesides" on our FB page about how to install KAM snaps to a wall or any flat surface.

Disclaimer: This method has not been tested by KAMsnaps. Please understand this is not how KAM snaps are intended to be used/installed so results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Using super glue to glue a socket/female to a flat surface: I've been successfully both gluing AND nailing Kamsnaps to hard surfaces pretty much all over the place. Super Glue spread onto the back of a female socket (she has more flat surface area) works a total treat, and holds just great on any surface that can accept superglue. The Kamsnap socket itself has gotten along nicely with all my Super-glues.  On papered or painted surfaces glue will just tear away grabbing a fat chunk of paint/wallboard to go along with it; so forget glue there.

Using a wire nail to attach a snap to walls or any thick hard surface: Say hello to our little friend, our new best friend, -->the WIRE NAIL. It's small enough to fit down inside the female socket, and affixes firmly to walls, woods, or whatever else will take a nail. In addition to the wire nail (I like 1") we do need a hex bolt small enough to seat down inside the female socket, thus set that nail 'all the way down' completely flat. Hex bolt (used as a nail setter) are flat on both top & bottom and cost around a buck at Home Depot.

To keep nails from pulling back out of soft wallboard (which is most interior walls), be sure to unsnap by PULLING DOWNWARDS, not by pulling straight out. Nailing and gluing/ opportunities unlimited: :)

When asked whether KAM #20 plastic snaps were used, Lily responded: Yes. Though, no reason it will not work with all sizes. Use the female socket; glue is glue, you glue it. For nailing, simply get wire nails and a hex-bolt (as your nailsetter) to fit whatever size the socket opening. I took my female socket to Home Depot to custom fit both nails and hex bolt. The hex bolt to set the nail is KEY.

Also took a tester swatch to double check that everybody snaps together all friendly-like and proper, and that the nail head was flat enough. Not only flat enough, it is better.

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