October 25, 2017

KAM snap presses are made of solid cast iron and are industrial grade. That means they should last decades at least when used and cared for properly.

Occasionally though, your press may have an accident and crack at the base.  This could happen if the press has been dropped or isn't placed on a completely flat and smooth surface, which would cause uneven distribution of pressure.

But even a broken base can be worked with. 

    Bolt down both the main body of the press and the broken base to a piece of thick wood or other flat sturdy surface, and the press should function without any issue.

      Fix Broken KAM Snap Press

      Photo courtesy of Melody G


      Photo courtesy of April G


        You can also use JB Weld to reattach the broken base before mounting the press to a board.

          Fix Broken KAM Press

          Photo courtesy of Carolyn K

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