How to Make a Face Mask Extender Strap with Snaps to "Save the Ears"

April 02, 2020

  * * We have elastic & twill tape here  * *

Some healthcare workers are experiencing discomfort behind their ears due to wearing face masks with elastic strips for extended periods. This simple extender band using snaps can be made in a few minutes.

Face Mask Extender Strap with KAM Snaps
Photo and instructions by Melody H:
  • 9" of elastic, bias tape, binding, ribbon, twill tape, strips of t-shirt, felt, or anything similar that you have on hand. * * We have elastic & twill tape here  * *
  • size 20 plastic snaps & setting tool (available here)


  • Fold over ends 3/4 inch
  • Install male side of a snap on each end
  • Install female 1 3/4 inch from each male
  • On one end, place an additional female 1 inch from the first female. This allows more adjustability.
  • That's it!

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