September 03, 2017

If you have a dog or cat, you're probably familiar with the "cone of shame," those Elizabethan collars that wrap around your pet's neck to keep them from scratching or licking wounds on their bodies.  If you have an escape artist, the cones can be placed on your pet to prevent them from crawling under or through small gaps in your fence. These collars are typically made from a hard plastic and are uncomfortable for many pets, especially if the cones bump into walls and scrape against the floor.

Here are basic instructions provided by a KAMsnaps user on how to make a soft cone.

"I made this by tracing a hard cone I already had onto Pellon 77 Flexi-Foam sew in stabilizer. I traced it onto quilting cotton a bit bigger, and then sewed the quilting cotton layers together except for one short side. Flipped it right side out, slipped the foam all the way in, and then topstitched to secure the foam & close up the last short side. I used the holes in the hard cone as guides for where to put the snaps."

Tip: you can add elastic loops with or without snaps along the neck of the cone to loop around your pet's regular collar so that the cone will be less likely to be pulled off. If without snaps, sew the loops along the base of the cone. Take off your pet's regular collar and then slide it through the loops. 

If using snaps, the loops can be attached without sewing. Since the loops can be unsnapped, you can snap each loop around your pet's regular collar without the need to take off the regular collar first.

(Photo and instructions courtesy of Shy L)

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