KX-DK93 Dies - 1 Die Set Works with Multiple Tools

September 02, 2017

The KAMsnaps KX multi-functional hand snap pliers and the DK93 professional table snap press are 2 of our most versatile tools.  With an array of different die sets available, both are able to perform a variety of functions such as installing plastic snaps, removing plastic snaps, installing metal snaps, and quickly poking holes with awl dies.

We are now offering a KX-to-DK93 adapter base which will allow you to use all of the KX pliers dies in the DK93 table press.  That means if you start off the the KX pliers and later want to upgrade to the press, all you need is the adapter base and you can use the existing dies you already have rather than buying an entirely new collection of dies for the DK93.

Here's a quick video showing how the KX-to-DK93 adapter base works:

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