No More Messy Flat Sheets with KAM Snaps (Tutorial)

January 14, 2019

Clean Flat Bed Sheets with KAM Snaps Everytime

NO MORE MESSY FLAT SHEETS!! Just add a few snap buttons to the top of flat sheet and comforter. Add more snaps on the side and/or bottom if needed.

4 regular size 20 KAM snaps were installed at the top of the flat sheet and 4 more snaps at the top of the comforter. Snap them together and your flat sheet will stay in place!

If you don't already have a snap setter, KAMsnaps offers an inexpensive starter kit with everything you need to get snapping  here .

(Photo and instructions are courtesy of Sylvia Hurst.)

 Also check out the " Smart Bedding" system -- never make your bed again!

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