Make a Reusable Snap-On Swifter Mop Cover

June 23, 2018

I remember when the swiffer mop first came out on the market, I bought this "revolutionary" cleaning instrument that was going to make mopping easier and more fun. As it turns out, it did neither and my enthusiasm plummeted. My swiffer was designed to use disposable mop covers that also did not appeal to my eco-friendly or budget minded sensibility.

However, Berlin's Whimsy created a wonderful tutorial on how to make a re-usable swifter cloth cover that is making me love the swiffer again. Just toss the cover in the wash, and use over and over again, saving time, money, and the environment. Now we're talking! We, of course, recommend using snaps in lieu of the buttons.

Here's a simplified version by, which uses KAM snap fasteners and  pliers.


And here's a video showing an even simpler version by HGTV using just microfiber cloth that doesn't require any sewing!


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