Tube Feeding Made Easier with KAM Snap Fasteners

August 03, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of infants, children, and adults rely on feeding tubes because they are unable to receive enough nutrition from oral eating. Feed tubing is often stigmatized and little understood, but allows these individuals to live, grow and thrive.

Laura M. has graciously shared some of her snap projects that have helped her through the journey. 

She made this beautiful shirt with snap-on sides that allow for easy medical access for feeding tubes. The lace detailing adds an extra level of prettiness. The same concept can be used to convert any shirt to one with a medical friendly front. 

Medical friendly easy front access shirt with snap-on sides made with KAM snap fasteners


Laura also cleverly used snap fasteners to  help organize hospital lines, allowing her to move around the hospital much more easily.

Organize cords hospital wires tubes with KAM snap fasteners


Adorabelly Design makes feeding tube covers for children with feeding tubes. They exclusively use KAM snaps for each and every tubie cover, and donate to families and hospitals all over the world. An amazing company that really does make adorable tubies.

Feeding Tube Covers with Plastic KAM snap fasteners snaps


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