Utility Metal Snaps: Size 24 vs Size 24.1 Short & Wide Stem

October 26, 2021

We had to change utility snap suppliers as a result of the pandemic.  The new size 24.1 Short & Wide Stem snaps have shorter & wider stems on the caps and posts, compared to our original version.  That means they may not adhere to very thick material like multiple layers of dense webbing.

The size 24.1 Short & Wide Stem snaps require the 24.1 Short & Wide Stem dies.

If you have previously ordered the original size 24 dies from us, you can  request  the size 24 Short & Wide Stem dies in the ORDER NOTES box at checkout and they will be included at no charge with your purchase of Size 24 Short & Wide Stem snaps.

Please email judy@kamsnap.com if you have any questions.

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