What Size KAM Snaps Do I Have?

February 10, 2018

So you've been happily using your KAM snaps for some time, and now it's time to re-order. But you've forgotten what size you have and can't find your order details.  How can you tell what size you've been using?

The vast majority of KAMsnappers use size 20, but here's some info that will help you determine for sure.

First, you can compare what you have to the picture here, which shows the details of both the front and back sides of each snap piece.

KAM Snaps Size Comparison Picture Chart

You can also download a printable pdf file which shows the true-to-life size of each piece.

If you need to figure out whether you have size 20 regular length snaps vs size 20 extra long prong, read this.

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