Color Sampler Charts

Each color card contains actual plastic caps. Background color of the cards may vary from photo. There are 3 cards to choose from:

  1. 55 colors in the BG-X range. These are "custom" colors exclusive to   Glossy  finish.
  2. 60 colors in the B1-B60 range. These are considered the "standard" KAM colors.    Glossy  finish. 
  3. Same as B1-B60 above but in   matte  finish.
  • Color cards may arrive with slight creases, wrinkles, etc.
  • Some colors shown may not always be available and may not be available in every size. With some exceptions, size 20 is available in glossy and matte, size 16 in matte, all other sizes in only black and white. Refer to actual snap product pages for availability.
  • There may be slight color variations between different snap production batches.

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