Dome Mushroom Rivets Bundle - TESTER

Size Guide
Rivet Size Chart
------>>>>>> Download a printable pdf file showing each rivet in its true-to-life size.

Common applications:

  • Purse straps - 8mm or 9mm normally recommended for fabric straps, 10mm for vinyl /leather straps.
  • Key fobs (aka "snap" tabs) - 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, crystal
  • The above are just suggestions.  There is flexibility in sizes for each application.  Generally speaking, use longer rivets for thicker material and shorter rivets for thinner.

Approximate rivet measurements:
  • Cap diameter: 6mm (Small)
    • Stem Length: 6mm
    • Stem Diameter: 2.4mm
  • Cap diameter: 8mm, 9mm (Medium)
    • Stem Length: 6-8mm
    • Stem Diameter: 2.6mm
  • Cap diameter: 10mm (Large)
    • Stem Length: 8-10mm
    • Stem Diameter: 2.8mm



    * These are testers and may not be restocked, depending on the feedback we receive. Use coupon DOME20 for 20% off.

    Available in:

        • 8mm (8mm dome x 10mm stem height)
          • 10mm (10mm dome x 10mm stem height)
          • Cap side is 10mm wide.

          Bundle includes:

            • 50 sets per color: silver, gunmetal, antique brass
            • Bottom dome rivet die -- top die not included. See below for top die requirements.
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