KX Dies to Cut Holes

  • Quickly cuts out a hole in your fabric for easy snap, rivet, or grommet placement.  Both a top cutting die piece and a bottom piece are needed. Our 17mm bottom die accommodates top cutting dies up to 17mm, so you can use the same bottom die for all smaller sizes.

    • Cuts best on thicker material with compression (like vinyl).
    • Thin material may not achieve completely clean cuts. 
    • If your material has no stretch/give and will not unravel/fray at the cut (ie. leather, card stock), a punch die the same size as the grommet is recommended. Example: 5mm punch for 5mm grommets.
    • If any of the above conditions apply, a  punch die smaller than the grommet size is recommended since the resulting hole will expand. Size down according to the amount of of expansion.
    • Due to the mechanics of hole punching, the dies will wear down with continued use and will need to be replaced periodically, particularly the bottom die. Placing a small cutting mat or piece of leather on the bottom die may provide a cushion for the surface to prolong the lifespan.

    Top piece cutting dies are available in the following sizes:
    • 2.5mm (~1/16") (for our rivets and snaps)
    • 4mm (~1/8")
    • 5mm (~3/16")
    • 7mm (~1/4")
    • 10mm (~3/8")
    • 12mm (~1/2")
    • 17mm cutters are not available at this time.  Larger hole cutters are difficult to press.

    The following tools are REQUIRED -- also see 2nd thumbnail image: ( which tool do I have?)
  • Bottom die shank: approx 9.9mm diameter (slightly larger than 3/8")
    Top die shank:  approx 8mm (5/16") diameter (screws in - M8 threading)

  • Dies are industrial equipment and may have scratches, rust, oil or other cosmetic imperfections that will not hinder their function. Remove any remaining oil on dies by attaching several snaps to scrap fabric. Returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless a defect affects function.

    Because punch dies have blades, they will eventually become dull with continued use and will need to be replaced.

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