Plastic Clips - Straight

  • Available in black or white.  White clips will be discontinued once sold out.

    Use as mitten or suspender clips, or with ribbon to hold face masks, pacifiers, toys, and baby cups. Plastic gripping teeth help to avoid snagging or tearing of fabric.  Click here for clip ideas.

    Note that these clips are not as easy to open as some other clips might be, meaning they do require firm pressure to pull apart.  This, along with a soft locking lever in the rear, makes it more difficult for small children to open and provides a more secure hold.  See 2nd thumbnail image for instructions.

    Clips grip best on thicker, compressible material and are likely to slide on thinner fabric. If attaching to a layer of t-shirt, for example, bunch up the edge of shirt or fold it multiple times to secure a better grip.

  • While these clips do comply with regulations regarding harmful substances, please remember that they are comprised of parts small enough to pose a choking hazard and should always be used under adult supervision.

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