Plastic Clips - Straight

  • Use as mitten or suspender clips, or with ribbon to hold face masks, pacifiers, toys, and baby cups. Plastic gripping teeth help to avoid snagging or tearing of fabric.  Click here for clip ideas.

    Note that these clips are not as easy to open as some other clips might be, meaning they do require firm pressure to pull apart.  This, along with a soft locking lever in the rear, makes it more difficult for small children to open and provides a more secure hold.  See 2nd thumbnail image for instructions.

    Clips grip best on thicker, compressible material and are likely to slide on thinner fabric. If attaching to a layer of t-shirt, for example, bunch up the edge of shirt or fold it multiple times to secure a better grip.

  • While these clips do comply with regulations regarding harmful substances, please remember that they are comprised of parts small enough to pose a choking hazard and should always be used under adult supervision.

Customer Reviews

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Adelia Martinez

I loved i started to make babies pacifiers they are perfect

Janice J Raper
Wonderful clips!

When I first ordered this set of clips, I was planning to make custom pacifier clips; however, they are so great that I am using them to make clips for small pencil bags to attach to student backpacks or book totes. This way, the students do not misplace their writing items as they move from one class to another. They do not have to dig down into their totes to find the pencil bag. These are high quality clips and inexpensive enough that I can afford to make the bags with clips to give away. I really appreciated the special sale price.

Annet Janssen
Love these clips

Very strong grip without leaving marks. Have usd the for toys/soother clips, on pants, to keep the change table cover in place etc..

Connie ischy
Better than metal

I have used these on every pacifier holder I have made except one and I used metal. Plastic much better

Laura McCleskey

I truly love these clips! I have ordered both metal and plastic clips from KAM Snaps and while I like both I think I like the plastic clips better. I love all the colors and that I can coordinate with snap colors! The only thing I wish was possible was ordering a custom mix or even mix bag of colors, but the price here is certainly unbeatable.

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