KX Dies for Double Cap Rivet REMOVAL (8mm 9mm)

Tools Required:

  • Recommended for use with  KX8J pro-handheld press.  Strong pressure is needed.
  • Removal dies will also fit KX-T2 and DK93 presses but centering the rivets may be more difficult so dies may not work as well. Use at your own discretion.

Rivet Sizes:

  • The same removal dies can remove both our 8mm and 9mm double cap rivets. 
  • Some users have reported success with our 10mm rivets but others have reported difficulty.  Rivet may need to be punched through on one side, then flipped over and punched through from the other side.  Use at your own discretion.
  • Note: Dies were tested with the rivets we sell. Results may vary with rivets from other sources.


  • We recommend you practice on scrap several times first to avoid damage to your project.
  • Removal dies will cut into the rivets, resulting in sharp edges which may snag. Needle-nose pliers (not included) can be used to help dislodge snagged rivets.  Refer to video.

    rivet removal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Works great!

    I use the rivet removal die with my table press and they work perfectly. They make moving double cap rivets so easy.

    Rivet removal tool

    Just love this rivet removal set. Using my green table rivet press (with adapter) I was able to remove 9mm rivets from faux leather straps with no grief. I am very impressed . Definitely worth sending to USA from UK.

    Ann Stenson
    Double Cap Rivet Removal is a Must

    I absolutely love the double cap rivet removal die.
    •I have the DK93 Table press
    •I removed 2 6mm double cap rivets.
    •The rivets were purchased from KamSnaps.
    •I removed the rivets from 2 layers of meaty then usual vinyl fabric, yet could be ripped easily.
    I found the rivet removal die to be super easy to use. Leaving a very minimal hole than it was prior. I think this removal die is worth its weight in gold. There are those times that we all make mistakes and need to remove a rivet(s) and not have our project ripped up that we are working on. This die certainly gets a thumbs up and 5 stars.

    Sherry Smith
    Worked great on 10mm rivets

    I used my dies on 10 mm rivets and it worked great. Using the pro hand held ( mounted on wooden base) worked good other then the material I had was thicker and had to do some wiggling to get it in.

    Sheryl Rademacher
    Double Cap Rivet Removal

    I used the dies with my DK93. The first rivet I needed to remove took me two tries. I was dealing with 8mm rivets, a layer of cotton, a layer of SF101 and fleece interfacing and a layer of webbing. The second rivet (same bag) took about four tries. I know that it was suggested to use the KX8J for these dies, just thought I'd give it a try with what I have. I'm not disappointed, I think I will need to buy the KX8J.

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