About Us

The Original KAM Snaps Store

KAMsnaps® provides a large selection of and affordable prices for heavy duty polyresin plastic snaps, line metal snaps, professional snap presses, hand snap pliers, pacifier clips, and other quality KAM products.

Whether you have a small personal project such as making baby clothes or converting the aplix on your cloth diapers to snaps, or you are a large company who manufacturers commercial products with snaps, you’ll find virtually all the snap-related supplies you’ll need here. We offer wholesale discounts on volume orders, and also sell to co-ops.

The information provided here is the most in-depth information you’ll find anywhere for snaps. Not only do our own customers refer to it, but so do the customers of other snap stores and brands and even our competitors. We have years of practical hands-on experience using the products we sell in our own personal lives, but beyond that, we listen closely to the questions our consumers ask, the problems they encounter and the feedback they provide. We don’t have all the answers but do continually learn from our own experiences as well as those of our customers. The information on our site is constantly being modified and added to so that it remains current and tailored to the needs of the general snap user.

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