Available Fasteners from KAMsnaps.com

Refer to the Beginner's Guide to Selecting Tools for step-by-step directions for adding the right dies for each fastener we offer listed below.

We also carry bag hardware, clips, elastic, and face masks!


Double Cap Rivets KAMsnaps
Double Cap Rivets
Crystal Rhinestone Rivets KAMsnaps
Crystal Rivets
Magnetic Snap Rivets KAMsnaps
Magnetic Snap Rivets
Jean Button Rivets KAMsnaps
Jean Button Rivets
Purse Feet Rivets KAMsnapsPurse Feet Rivets
Grommets KAMsnaps
Open Ring & Pearl Snaps KAMsnaps
Open Ring & Pearl Snaps
Utility Line Snaps KAMsnaps
Utility Line Snaps
Fashion Snaps KAMsnapsFashion Snaps
Plastic Snaps KAMsnaps
Plastic Snaps
Key Fob HardwareKAMsnaps
Key Fob Hardware

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