Getting Started with a KAMsnaps® Press

It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many options, but it's really a simple process without the need to overthink.  Our professional presses are multi-functional so there's not really a wrong choice.  Chances are you'll be happy with whichever you decide :)

1. Choose your press

2. Select dies that correspond to your fasteners


  • If you'll be doing high volume work, want more options to speed up the process, desire the utmost professional results, and need a tool that won't aggravate your hands/wrists, go with the DK93 table press.
  • If you want the most affordable multi-function tool or one that doesn't require a table surface, go with the KX8J pro-handheld.
  • If you want to avoid strain on your hands & wrists but desire portability, go with the KX-T2 pro-standup (mini-table press).

(Note:  All 3 professional presses above use the same die attachments from the KX-series so you can mix & match presses.)

  • If you know you're going to use only plastic snaps and only infrequently without the necessity of uniform-looking results, consider the basic pliers as the best cost-saving tool.

Click here for a more in-depth comparison.

 **Order your KAMsnaps® press here.**


Find the fastener you want to work with on our site.  In the product description, click on the Required Tools tab for direct links to corresponding dies needed:


Leave a note in the Order Notes box at checkout requesting that your order be reviewed for completeness.  We'll contact you if anything appears to be missing or if your tools aren't compatible with your fasteners.

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