How do I add something or change my order?

We're a small, family-run business and there has ever only been 1 person to handle most of the operations (me, Judy).  The pandemic has caused an almost overwhelming surge in demand, which I'm trying my best to accommodate.  I have been working overtime each and every single day, including every weekend and holiday, since March and I'm close to exhaustion.

Despite the increase in demand and the fact that the pandemic has caused delays with the majority of online businesses that are still operating, I am still shipping orders out in 1-2 business days, same as always.  That means I have to process orders as quickly as I can, at every chance I can.

I'm not able to sift through hundreds of packages just to find one and make changes to it-- multiplied by however many requests I get daily.  For this reason, orders cannot be added to or modified after they've placed unfortunately.  This was noted at checkout:

And here:

And here:


We recognize this isn't ideal for our customers but we're living under far from ideal circumstances. We are trying to make it work as best as we can. We appreciate your understanding.

You can list your unwanted items in our Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook.

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