International Shipping Discounts

Nobody likes to pay more shipping than they have to, so we're happy to help you get the most bang for your shipping bucks.  Please make sure the email address you provide at checkout is accurate and won't treat our emails to you as spam.

1. If you don't care how your package ships (UPS or US Postal Mail) and just want the cheapest shipping method, note that in the Order Notes box at checkout. On rare occasions when we can find a method that's cheaper, we'll send that way instead and refund you the difference.

2. Sometimes we can fit more items in your package without any increase in shipping charges. If you want us to let you know when that's the case, so you can add items without paying more shipping, you can note so in the Order Notes box at checkout.

Examples for size 20 plastic snaps:
These examples are for illustrative purposes only & may vary from case-to-case.
  • shipping tier #1 - up to 200 snap sets
  • shipping tier #2 - up to 1000 snap sets
  • shipping tier #3 - up to 2000 snap sets
  • shipping tier #4 - table press plus up to 2500 snap sets (or 5500 snaps without the table press)

  • In other words, if you bought 1500 snaps, you could add 500 more & still pay the same shipping.

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