KAMsnaps® Snap Button Fasteners - Plastic Snaps vs Metal Snaps?

If you're looking to buy snaps, KAMsnaps® makes some of the most affordable, simple to use tools available to attach snap button fasteners.  They're low cost and versatile enough to be used by individuals for sewing, crafting, DIY, backpacking, and other household purposes yet industrial and sturdy enough for commercial applications such as clothing, cloth diapers, baby carriers, and more.

 Both plastic and metal snaps are available by KAMsnaps®. Both have been tested for lead and phthalate content to meet CPSC CPSIA regulations for children's products, yet our plastic snaps are most people's favorites. 

Plastic often carries a bad rap for being lower quality, looking cheap, or not as strong or sturdy compared to its metal counterpart, but KAM plastic snaps are made of polyacetal resin, which is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic.  You'll often notice the difference in quality of plastic if you compare KAMsnaps® to generic plastic snaps.

In fact, KAM plastic snap fasteners are just as strong as the equivalent sized metal snaps, if not stronger.  They do not rust and can be machine washed and dried hundreds of times without damage (think cloth diapers).  They are also used on hospital gowns because they are safe for x-rays. 

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