What Tools Do I Need?

KAMsnaps® offers 3 professional multi-functional presses, each one capable of:

  • installing plastic snaps, metal snaps, rivets & grommets
  • removing plastic snaps
  • punching holes
  • clamping key fob hardware
  • assembling fabric cover buttons
  • & more!

To use any press, you must have the die attachments that correspond to the specific function you want to achieve. 

1. Select your preferred press from the Tools section in the top menu.
( Which tool is right for me?)

2.  From the top menu, find the listing for the specific fastener you want to work with:

3. In the product description, click on the Required Tools tab. Follow the links to the corresponding dies.  That's basically it!

    4. You can also browse our complete selection of dies to see what other functional dies are available, such as:

    5. You're welcome to leave a note in the Order Notes box at checkout requesting that your order be reviewed for completeness.  We'll contact you if anything appears to be missing or if your tools aren't compatible with your fasteners.

      Quick Guide: What Tools do I Need?

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