Why No Returns are Accepted During the Pandemic

Why No Returns are Accepted for Items Purchased During the Pandemic

We're a small, family run business -- only my husband and me, and sometimes my sister.  Returns are sent to a UPS store for security reasons.  During the pandemic, the UPS store is only open 2 hours a few days a week.  The lines are long and and the store is small. 

There have already been deaths in our city due to the pandemic and of course numerous more confirmed cases.  Should either my husband or I contract the disease, it would mean a shut down of our business at the very least.  More importantly, it would put my parents, whom we see regularly and help to care for, at extreme risk.

A secondary, though less urgent, reason is simply that we are exhausted. Demand has been high and we are only so many.  We have been working incredibly long hours since March, each and every day including weekends and holidays, to ensure that orders continue to be processed promptly.  It is beyond our capacity to deal with the additional work of processing returns, as we barely have enough time for sleep as it is.

We recognize this isn't ideal for our customers but we're living under far from ideal circumstances. We posted this change in policy at checkout so that you were aware of it before completing your order.



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We're doing our best to continue our business without putting our health or livelihood in jeopardy, and appreciate your understanding.


If we have made a mistake with your order or you have received a non-functioning product, we will of course rectify it.  Please email sales@kamsnap.com within 7 days of receipt. You will be asked to return the incorrect/defective item at our cost and upon receipt of return, we will ship the correct/replacement item to you. 

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