10 KN95 Masks (5 packs x 2pcs - DND)

NO LIMIT on how many you can purchase.

Each bundle includes 10 masks.  2 masks per pack x 5 packs.  We have not experienced this ourselves, but depending on your sensitivity, you may notice a slight chemical smell.  This is a normal result of the manufacturing process.  Allow to air out if it bothers you.  SALES ARE FINAL.


    This product is not part of our normal business. I'm offering these at cost so that those who need them can get them affordably and quickly.  If you have questions, it's best to google or ask the FB group.

    • There is NO guarantee on their performance. I practiced due diligence to the best of my ability in sourcing these, relying heavily on long-term business contacts to find who they believe to be reputable manufacturers.  These masks are on the FDA list of "Authorized Respirators" (manufacturer: Tianjin Benmo Medical Equipment Co).  They are also CE certified, a safety standard in Europe. They comply with China's GB2626-2006 standards, which is equivalent to US's NIOSH standards for N95s. Download comparison chart by 3M.  More importantly to me is that the factory was personally inspected by a trusted contact and her brother, who's a medical doctor.  That's all I know and now you know it too.
    • This product will NOT completely protect you from COVID19 and does NOT replace the need to shelter in place and social distance.
    • Sales are final.
    • Not for resale.
    If you're not familiar with KN95s, I recommend the following articles for some background.


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