KAM Snaps Basic Hand Pliers for Plastic Snaps

  • The basic KAM snap pliers are our simplest and most affordable tool to quickly and easily install plastic snaps for low volume, occasional personal use.  Click here for how-to videos instructions.

    • K2 model is recommended for size 20 (the most popular size) and larger plastic snaps. Cannot install size 14 or 16.
    • K1 model is recommended if you also intend to install smaller plastic snaps.  Cannot install size 24. 
    • What do the sizes mean and which do I need?

    NOTE: These basic pliers only install plastic snaps for occasional home use.  Want to work with metal snaps, rivets, grommets, cover buttons, key fobs, snap removal and more?  Purchase our KX8J professional handheld press and save $10 with coupon KX8J. Click here for a comparison chart..

    Also recommended (you can add these from the drop-down menus above):
    • mounting base to stand your pliers upright so you can use your arm to press down, thereby reducing strain on hands and wrist -- see how it works
    • removal pliers to quickly and safely remove problem plastic snaps without damage to fabric -- see how it works
  • Everything you need to get started:
    • Basic pliers to install plastic snaps (beware of imitations)
    • K2 model includes dies for size 20, 22, 24, hearts, flowers, butterflies, stars
    • K1 model includes dies for size 16, 20, 22, hearts, flowers, butterflies, stars. Size 14 die sold separately and not included with pliers.
    • Hand awl to poke holes in fabric for snap placement and screwdriver
    • Optional - from the drop-down menu above, you may choose to add:
        • a mounting base to reduce hand strain and yield better results--see disclosures
        • removal pliers to safely remove problem plastic snaps
  • Optional mounting base: 2x4 block of wood or something similarly solid should be placed under the handle to provide additional support (not included).
    KAM Snaps Plastic Snap Pliers Wood Mounting Base

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